The Community In This Game

After playing for a few days after my last post, I have came to the conclusion that the community in this game makes it terrible. While Garry has supplied a great and inventive idea, the people, specifically the gaming communities make this game horrible. After building multiple houses and having them destroyed or griefed over and over again, I have no desire, nor do any of friends to play this game again. The majority of all end game geared players make this game nearly unplayable, if you can survive their onslaught on you as soon as you spawn with their tricked out m4’s and Kevlar, your lucky to say the least. Now if you manage to get a small house up, they come blow open your doors with c4, yes we had metal doors, and instead of taking your things, they simply put walls up blocking you from all of your items. Then come in my opinion the worst of the worst, the faggot ass communities that encourage the killing of fresh spawns. Ive run into several communities that in order to join you must kill x number of fresh spawns and gather their rock. I wish this game a majority of luck, and if the developers can create spawn and grieve protection, and go through the game and do a ban sweep of all the people who simply live to ruin others experience because they know that the developers will do nothing about it, we may consider returning. Again this game is a great idea and was well made, but the community in the game defines the word horrible.

for TLDR

OP doesn’t like getting Griefed.


Or PVP for that matter.

On a second note, it is just the way of life within the game. Until things change, it’s what we need to live with, and believe me, things will change. It just takes time.

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Instead of using your energy to bash the game you should offer constructive criticism, it is Alpha and a good idea may have an impact on the game.

dude stop goddam whining

Actually the point was the majority of communities in this game ruin it for others.

Very Constructive,Very Informative.

Welcome to The Internet.
People ruining the fun for others.

In All seriousness what were you expecting from a Survival MMO?
Community Bonding?

The problem with the game isn’t the people. There are features that are over-powered and the game makes people who like to take advantage of others completely at home. No matter what community there will always be people who when they have the option, will take advantage of others.

What do you expect people to do when they have reached end-game? Sit there and revel in their earnings? I like to go KOS anyone I see with the 12 man group we have… Its fun once you get to that point in the game, It will happen as more and more people get the game. People will repeat this cycle until they update the game WAYYYYY more… So please stop making these threads that have been made before fellow members, this game is in pre-alpha and if you are already judging it and not seeing the potential behind this masterpiece of a game, then just don’t play:D Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

I actually quite enjoy the pvp in the game, its the large communities that do nothing but ruin other peoples experience that ruins it, ex. Camping your base, griefing your un-built base. Why not go raid the other guys in kevlar with m4s that have something to offer rather then the fresh spawn with a rock? I was not bashing, I pointed out specific problems that most new players encounter now a days.

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Once again, i said multiple times how the game is great, but the community is not, you prove my point. Please read my post before you post. I see how raiding and killing in your clan is fun, im not knocking that, its the people you kill, why not attack the people that have something to offer you, or offer a challenge?

Every single person has been exactly where you are at this point man, you have to learn the game and be smart… Don’t build your base where it is out in the open and can get griefed, I build 10 minutes away from anything and My base has still gotten raided, I mean, Its inevitable… Just suck it up and stop complaining man… Find a team and get better at playing the game.


We don’t go for freshies the problem is, freshies tend to see a shitload of kev guys and wan’t to hit them with a rock or shoot them with a hidden pistol… Therefor we shoot them when we are on our way to fight bigger clans…

I don’t care for the fresh spawn killing… And I only played for 2 days so just getting into the swing of things. But the greifing the houses…placeing posts on house to mess up is stupid IMO. I know there is nothing you can do about it which is fine…thats why I made the material to build a decent house before I even put down the foundation.

Rust isn’t “great”. It’s unfinished. There is no attempt to make it fair or balanced yet, that’s coming in time after the engine is firmed up and in better shape.

The only time we grief bases, is when they constantly talk mad shit in chat after you kill them and have shitty attitudes about getting killed. I agree that griefing a nice freshspawns base is cruel, but if they are being asswhipes they get griefed. We usually say gg (except to certain people) after we fight them or sorry when we kill a freshspawn, but boy when I kill someone who has just been spamming chat with shit talk, I enjoy killing them… End of story

In all fairness to the OP… the community for the most part in this game is shit. There are some people on the forums and in-game that shine. But most people it’s KOS, glitching, and griefing. As an example… I put down a foundation today relatively large and two guys ran through to put pillars up in the middle of the foundations. Since they aren’t destructable, we’re having to build around them and over them.

I do notice that the majority of the decent community is on from the late morning to late afternoon. Can’t for the life of me figure out why between 9am and 3pm the best players are on. Just can’t put my finger on it. O.o

Europeans? :v:

School kids.

Far from Community Bonding, but i wasent expecting to see that the only thing that fully geared players do is run around killing fresh spawns and griefing their base. The game has alot of potential, but they need to either get rid of the people ruining others game experience (No i dont mean killing them once or twice, I mean intentionally grieving, and repeatedly killing them over and over for no reason.) or make it so people have spawn protection for 30 minutes unless they strike another player, or obtain a firearm. I understand the game is under development and the engine comes first, but its been for sale long enough that the consumers need to be able to play without having their experience ruined by the players who can dedicate substantially more time into the game. Again i dont understand the End Game object is to run around and kill and grief fresh spawns.

So, they’re spending the whole day playing Rust during school hours?

This is a PvP survival game you cant say cause you got PvPed and could not survive that everyone ELSE that can is ruining the game. Thats just silly…