The compilation of Devil Traitor.

Apparently, most of my screenshots are gone ever since was shut downand filesmelt is being a bitch (Including my favorite pictures also known as The witch is hugging an S.A.S.), so any of you who still got one of my pics, PM me.

logo by h3llife741

St loads of images INCOMING!**

Bullies (although this is the second version, some of my pics is a remake version and the number was based on a Montreal help line for student.

Highway Chase(this one is also a remake version, the original one was ended up on steam page)

Jockey is riding the Heavy (and they’re enjoying it.)

My chocolate sense is tingling

You kill my son! (after watching the original Friday the 13th)

The soldier is being surrounded by witches(multiple images)

Two pictures that I got bored.

Hold up y’all… (Didn’t feel like it was a comic)

Demoman has got the wrong sword

Suck on my bullet! (I didn’t like the other posing of the guy)

One of the infected is trying to escape.

Someone is at the window

Gman is running away from the rebel (or Highway chase: HL2 edition)

Man in the forest(V2)

I told you not to touch that darn thing!

The guy is hiding from two molerats… While the molerats are doing some strange activity.

The floating Vilage was probably my first true comic, I also made a sequel which it was really unnecessary.

The brainwasher

A zombie is ready to invade the other city.

What in gods name happen to my apartment!?

Blu Hoppers is hopping away from demonic scouts

Conquering Paradise

The fraud was also a comic, but even better than the last

Oh hello there, could you difuse this bomb?

You! Clean up that mess, now!

Engineer update?

Replica & Vortigaunt are exploring the cave

Two fancy pics for the contest.

Heavy is imitating the soldier.

Engineer has made his grand-father proud

Zero-G gun fight in the office

Chase on the beach( this one was edited by Joazzz)

It has been one year since I join Facepunch and there is only one question to ask, what happens next?

cool but you should really try to edit your pics to make them even better

also i need to make my own compilation but i’m too lazy :frowning:

My favorite one is GMan looking in through the window.

Lol at Heavy/Soldier

Really nice images. My favorite was TF2 Bunnyhopping.

I lawl’d at some images, BON TRAVAIL, GENTLEMEN !

Am I the only one who thinks fast-paced banjo music was fitting for the highway chases?

“Hold up Y’all, I hear a bitch!”

scrolls down

“50 bucks.”

then I lol’d.

Here’s a logo that was made by H3llfire741