The Complete Idiot's Guide To Setting Up A Server. CFG, Rentals, Home Hosting. w/pics

OK, I realize there’s already a good guide for setting it up at home. In fact, since I can’t be assed to write my own, and it’s a really good one, I’m going to quote it in here.

[ If You Are Going To Rent ]
First, find a host that’s cheap and reliable. I will set up a list of hosts here, and their prices

Then, just figure out a good balance between price and slot amount.

[ If You Are Going To Host From Home]
Here is the real good guide I mentioned.

[ Setting Up Your server.cfg File ]

Whether you are hosting a server or renting, the server.cfg file is muy importante. I will copy paste my server.cfg file from my server to teach you.

	"hostname"				"Lavacano's Madhouse [ ]"
	"sv_lan"				"0"
	"maxplayers"			        "12"
	"sbox_allownpcs"			"0"
	"sbox_maxprops"				"175"
	"sbox_maxragdolls"			"4"
	"sbox_maxnpcs"				"3"
	"sbox_maxballoons"			"10"
	"sbox_maxeffects"			"10"
	"sbox_maxdynamite"			"1"
	"sbox_maxlamps"				"5"
	"sbox_maxthrusters"			"35"
	"sbox_maxwheels"			"20"
	"sbox_godmode"				"0"
	"sbox_plpldamage"			"0"
	"sbox_playergod"			"0"
	"sbox_noclip"				"1"
	"sbox_maxhoverballs"			"20"
	"sbox_maxvehicles"			"3"
	"sbox_maxbuttons"			"20"
	"sbox_maxsents"				"10"
	"sbox_maxemitters"			"5"
	"sbox_maxspawners"			"3"
	"sbox_maxturrets"			"3"
	"sbox_maxwire_thrusters"		"35"
	"contraptionary_intermission_time"	"120"
	"contraptionary_guess_time"		"600"
	"contraptionary_max_guesses"		"10"
        "rcon_password"				"sex_muffins" # No, that's not my real password
	"sv_allowdownload"			"1"
	"net_maxfilesize"			"200"
	"sv_voiceenable"			"1"
	"sv_alltalk"				"1"
	"lua_log_sv"				 "1"

hostname: This is the actual name of the server. Name it whatever.
sv_lan: Leave at 0
maxplayers: If you’re hosting, this is the number of slots you have. If you’re renting, leave it alone or you’ll get a bitchy host
sbox_allownpcs: 0 appears to enable them
sbox_max:* Limits.
contraptionary_*: Leave as is.
rcon_password: Self explanatory
sv_voiceenable: Set to 0 if you don’t want voice chat on your server
sv_alltalk: Leave at 1 if you use ASSmod or UTeam, or different ranks won’t be able to hear each other.
lua_log_sv: Ignore.

This concludes my guide. Anything need added? Let me know.

reserved for extra room if needed

Fuck my fail at searching.

Oh well, never hurts to have more than one guide lying around


Also, I’ll add to my list there

Just so you know, this isn’t what a proper server.cfg should look like, this is server_cfg.txt

While the layout of server_cfg.txt will mostly work fine as server.cfg, a few syntax differences will throw up errors and some commands might not work.