The Confession

Aimed at the Catholic church sex scandal and their pedophile priests.

I knew priests had a severe case of hypocrisy!

Was expecting the father to say “Keep going, my child…”.

I like it but the facemap on that chick is really gross looking :X

Ew she looks really old, how can he fap to that.

Explained in Op.

Oh no mad, he faping to the little boy part. Guess he got all excited up.

Which is true in real life :v:

I would never fap it while listening to a sex story if I was a priest.

Funny stuff my friend, funny stuff.

That facemap makes the last panel that much better.

she looks :downs:

I’m Roman Catholic and I have NEVER seen nor heard of any of the sex scandal and pedophilism in a church at all.

What the ever loving fuck??? Are you serious?

That is just the tip of the iceberg. This shit has been going on for decades. By the way. The priest that abused 200 deaf boys got let of the hook. Guess by who. The current pope which at the time was head of the committee that was supposed to handle sex abuse cases.

The Catholic Church are in crisis because of this. It amazes me you haven’t heard of it. It really does.

What I meant was that I have never seen it in any church I have gone to. I KNOW that here is a big scandal and all.(I have just never seen it in a church yet.)

Of course you wouldn’t see it. Pedophiles, be they priest or anyone else don’t abuse children in full public. And the church have gone over their heads to hush this down. It worked for avail but not anymore. The Catholic church claims the moral high ground and says they know right from wrong better than anyone else, and this shit is exposed.

I am an atheist, but no matter how religious I might have been, I would not want to be part of an organization filled with evil old men that either abuse children or try to cover it up for those who does.

What an excellent twist at the end!

Yes, the Catholic church may be full of pedophiles, but not all of them. Yes majority of them are but there are still a lot of good priests out there. Sure there pedophiles and all but such a statement is very generalistic if you look at. You proclaim the Catholic church to be an evil organization that try yo cover up what they do. But you’re missing the point. A LOT of other religions are A LOT worse if you look at it. (Satanics, Muslims, Protestant.)Worse, they don’t cover it up. Which the Catholics at least be discreet about it. Catholics and Protestants have been at war for a long time, but such conflicts aren’t as bloody as others.

Just think: Which is worse: Molestation or Cutting yourself, bathing in blood, committing sorcery, and blowing up a building?

Wow, what the fuck. So you actually said “sinning” if you will in secrecy is better than doing it public? Is not the catholic church and bible AGAINST pedophilism? They are working against their own teachings.

Wait what you said theres something wrong with protestants? Do protestants “cut themselves up, bathe in blood or blow up buildings?” XD

Also dont be so stereotypical about muslims. Muslims dont blow up buildings. Terrorists do.

Something makes me think youre taking sides with catholic church.

You seem to be missing the point. This is supposed to be the one true faith. The pope is supposed to be Jesus emissary on earth. The whole affair is “not” supposed to be full of bloody pedophiles. Where is the standard?

As for the other religions being worse, they are just as bad. I am talking about the 3 Abrahamic dessert dogmas. Christians, Catholics and Muslims. But how well do you know your own church’s history? The crusades. the Inquisition and so on. The Catholic church burned people at the stake for the heinous crime of knowing how to read and write. From my point of view all religions are bad. It is nothing but mind slavery and mass control.

What did we learn here? All religions are equally bad in the modern world.

Everyone has the right to believe in something but you still should be bound by simple moral.

Guys, shut the fuck up and enjoy the comic!


Good comic Rastifan! I lol’d.