The confessions of an Exploiter

My name is (sno) in-game and yes I am the so called de-syncher/hacker/whatever u think I am or want me to be.

Months ago I made a bug report and made a video with a few friends, in hopes that in due time this issue would be fixed. To no avail the problem still persists months after making my video, multiple forum posts submitting bug reports etc.

I will explain in detail how the glitch works, how I have learned to control it and possibly how it can be fixed.

Let’s go back months ago when I first found out about it. I had just bought the game and I was running around farming some wood. When all of a sudden my screen got really dark for a few seconds and then it went back to normal. I didn’t know it at the time but that little indicator was a sign I had just desynched from the server. So I kept running around and trying to farm materials but I couldn’t everytime I hit the materials with my rock I didn’t get anything. Then out of nowhere I was dying to something, my hp was dropping. After about an hour or so I realized that my body was left behind somewhere, out in the open. Before long I started to understand that about every 10 minutes or so It would happen, sometimes my game would get laggy, I would open my console and it was full of red text. I proceeded to play as normally as I could, in hopes that it would be patched and I could actually play the game. So everytime the screen would flash dark/light or get laggy I’d just restart the game and continue playing.

I stopped playing after a while until the game moved to steam. In hopes that it had finally been fixed, but still to no avail it had not been. Even after making my video months prior posting on the forums, bug reports, etc. They had done nothing. When the game moved to steam the flashing of the screen stopped, the error in console stopped. So I had no way of knowing when or how I desynched other than someone saying, “Hey you stopped moving dude”. But I did figure out a way to control it. Every minute or so I would throw a rock on the ground if the rock landed in front of me I would know I wasn’t desynched, and I would pick it back up and continue on. If I threw a rock and I didn’t see it I would know I was desynched somewhere else and would have to re-log. I got really tired of doing this as you could imagine, The act of restarting my game every time I desynched was annoying.

Soon after this I figured the only way for them to actually do something about this bug would be for me to exploit it to it’s full potential. Obviously posting and making videos was not enough. I figured out that I could kill people invisible and they could not see me or hurt me, unless they knew where I was desynched. I realized that if I had a partner We could raid someone’s house i could use explosives invisible, but could not loot chests or someone’s drop. The only way I could pick up items is if someone manually dropped them. So what I would do is have someone loot the gear, throw it on the ground and pick it up (invisible) the gear would be transfered to my desynched body safely back in my base. The tricky part about the glitch is that i only have a certain range from my original body. I can only go so far in a 360 degree’s radius. (It’s not like I can run around the entire map invisible). So if at any time someone raided my house. I would patiently wait inside until I desynched, go outside and massacre them all invisible. I’ve raided over 30 houses in the past week with 1 other person I will not reveal his name. I am the richest person on the server I have over 70 m4’s 50 explosive charges, 25 sets of kevlar the list goes on.

To be very honest, I wish I could play the game normally, I do not enjoy desnyching and killing people invisible. It is the only way I can actually play the game. So I’ve learned how to control it.

I’ve personally only experienced this desync issue once, and I’m not sure how or why it happens.

Think of it as a superpower!

You do have to keep in mind there is not a huge crew working on the game, and that generally fleshing out the mechanics and game is priority to fixing some of the exploits. If the game were in a release stage it would be different, but getting the game going in the right direction is, I think, their main priority at the moment.

Mind projection, the early years.

Learn to control it and you will be unstoppable.

Please do the following:
Move to all the official servers.
Exploit the hell out of it
Make it obvious it’s you
post videos

You will either be banned (like the guy who DDoS’d the servers in an attempt to stop the hackers) or they will fix it (like what happened when a clan abused the dupe glitch, they however assisted in the smashing of the bug).

In either case, good luck.

This whole post felt like inception. Learning to control the dream state and exploiting others in the living world.

Building a game is kind of like building a shitty boat. You build the boat first, and then fix the holes. They need to build the boat before they will address the holes.

Bro, that would be so cool. :rolleyes:

But it should be fixed, sadly

Here is Video Proof that this guy is being truthful:

you didn’t explain how a fix can happen? maybe server needs to send an update of the players location every 10 seconds?

Back when the game was still on the website there used to be a command to resynchronize your clock with the servers, but that command was removed due to people abusing the very glitch. My guess is that I am dropping packets. I must also add that If I kill myself, or die I resync back to the server. So I’m thinking when I die I send packets back to the server resynchronizing myself.

Kudos for being honest :slight_smile:

Can confirm, shit works, shit needs fix. Also I recorded it when you did it to me infront of chillz crew house.

I reported it and then told Helk about it, I’m not sure if this was really what he was talking about, but he said he was aware of it and they’re working on it.

I also tried to talk to you in game and then went to your house to raid you as sweet vengeance for doing what you did, was good fun ;-)…

I was trying to figure out how you did it, but I guess you’re not doing it on purpose, which means it could be a server sided error, not kicking you off etc.

None the less, thanks for coming forward with it, I just wish you didnt use it :slight_smile:

yeah it wouldn’t be too hard to make a hack for that. make a proxy and tunnel data through some code, then block position update packets and move around freely

however if this is the case, it seems like when attacking someone it doesn’t calculate distance between the players and if Player A is even next to Player B’s position when hitting them with melee. (server-side)

Wow. This game is really poorly programmed.

Where is your game? I would like to see it :wink:

you dont need to be a chef to be a food critic

Glad you mentioned the melee part, I cannot kill anyone with melee, only guns.

i have this same prob very useful when defending and/or attacking (if body is in a shed)
for me its 1-10 mins very random

edit. im able to kill ppl with melee

Saying you can control it seems a bit misleading. You are able to make use of it, but it sounds like you can’t control when you de-sync, only identify when it has happened. It’s your own hulk mode, but I understand why you are using it the way you are. Squeeky wheel gets the grease and all.

seems like melee distance checks are in place on the server then, i can understand why it might be a lot harder for guns though. though every gun should have a maximum distance