The Contact

A screen from a scrapped movie I was working on. It was a shit edit, but I added in everything in the picture. It was originally a blank street.

The movie (it stops at 1:37) I scrapped it because it sucked balls and the plot was silly

Oh… My… GOD!!!

I don’t know where to start with this.

First off, turn on AA and crank your texture quality, jagged edges and low-res textures are never good for poses.

Secondly, the posing on the two main guys looks awkward, and the lack of face and eye posing only makes thing worse.

Another huge problem is the background - NEVER use simple DOF, use Super DOF, if it crashes, turn off Multicore rendering. All the passerbys are random NPCS, theres a time and place for NPCs, but this isn’t one of them. And another problem is the lack of drivers in the cars, seriously?

Lastly, that speechbubble. Oh lord, that speechbubble, especially since it’s a MS Paint one. Just don’t use it, ever.

I hope you follow the above critique, since right now you really need to improve.

Needs better lighting too.

Oh yeah, and the JPEG Compression, get that fixed next time too.

What I ment was, it was a blank street, and I added a good amount of props. It was pretty detailed before I blurred the fuck out of it in GIMP. Also, go fuck yourself.

AA’s grayed out in game, I can’t change it.

I’ll try using super DOF next time. I Forgot about the drivers, ha. It was lagging from all of the props so I was trying to take the shot and get it over with. I dun goof’d. The speech bubble I actually got off the internet and edited it with GIMP. How would I go about fixing the JPEG Compression? Thanks for the advice.

There’s a console command to fix the compression, “jpeg_quality 100” or something similar, as I recall.

As for the AA issue, try changing some of the other settings to see if anything enables it, if not it’s probably a problem with your graphics card.

I know, that’s why I used the exaggerated remark.

About to after I find some good entertainment.


tough guy

Actually, you can just do this without the console. Go to settings in the spawnmenu or… i can’t really remember but it’s in there.