"The control point has been captured" Soldier being all awesome and shit

i worked quite hard on this, using the clone tool for the first time.


View the original here!
P.S. I do know that the leg on the left is quite weird.

Awesome and stuff but I cant figure out where you used the clone tool.
The Rocket Launcher could use some shading.
Still awesome.


Nevermind im dumb.
After using the Clone tool you should use the heal tool so it doesnt look that pasted.

Nice posing, all that gear looks awesome. The shading under his helmet looks odd though.

You can never have enough equipment. :v:

I just noticed that the mining light is clipping trough his helmet.

shading needs work

You should have made it go wrapping the leg instead of placing it aside from it.(I mean the cloned clothes).
If it looked too flat then use shading on the right side and maybe below to give it a 3D feeling.

The epic soldier.