The conversion to a binary code

Hi everyone.
How to Transformation my Lua code in it(down code)?



How to convert all the line?

> = string.byte("ABCDE")      -- no index, so the first character
> = string.byte("ABCDE",1)    -- indexes start at 1

b = “”

for k,v in ipairs( string.ToTable( MyCode ) ) do b = b … “\” … string.byte( v ) end

Where “MyCode” is your code in string form. Why on earth you would want to do this (apart from adding backdoors) is beyond me though.

string.byte can process a whole string at a time, james

And? There’s still an extra step in making it a string …

If you really want me to use string.Byte differently, then here:

local MyCode = “print(‘Hello World!’)”
local b = “\” … string.Implode( “\” , {string.byte( MyCode, 1, string.len( MyCode ) ) } )

best way
local MyCode = “print(‘Hello World!’)”
local b = “\” … table.concat({string.byte(MyCode, 1, #MyCode)}, “\”)

No, this is the best way:
local MyCode = “whatever”
local Out = MyCode:gsub(".", function(x) return “\”…x:byte() end)


That’s identical to the way I sugested, and yet my way is dumb?

Welp, when I do “RunString(b)” it gives an error:
“[ERROR] RunString:1: unexpected symbol near ‘’” - Yellow

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but when I print b first, copy it from the console, and then paste it into runstring, it works fine…

Please don’t do this. Obfuscation doesn’t work and this method is impressively dumb.

obfuscation works on skids.