The Conversion

this comic was made by danielmm88 and me

the fascists may censor my art but i will always be able to communicate with my students!!!1

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt" - Craptasket))

For the idiots that can’t tell this guy is a troll, read his recent posts on his page. You’ll see the non-comic posts aren’t well, retarded.

me - a troll? what are you smoking?

something clearly less strong than what you smoke when you make comics

when i do my comics i sit down and meditate i do not do drugs drugs are bad my teacher said so

tell your teacher that she should tell your parents that you shouldn’t sit and make comics :frowning:

Oh god…i’m going to Bluuuuuu

why my comics are great

That sir is true. (well their amusing)

Your comics are amusing, but A. Why are the graphics crap and B. Why do they have the appearance of being edited in Paint. If you edit in paint atleast attempt to make it look like you didn’t.

JeSuS cHrIsT mY eyessssss

whAT’s wrong with your eyes

comcis look good i good editor

No, stop trolling the Comics region, please. If you are going to make a comic crank up your graphics and make something worth reading.

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ths worth reading also graphix good they on hih qualituyt

-double post-