The Corleone's

Hey, few weeks ago I was playing on a server when I encountered some little ass, named Justnet Corleone.

As I played on, Justnet and a few of his friends basically took over the server becuase no admins were on.

I got pissed, becuase they RDM anyone playing as a cop, whine about NLR after repeatedly killing someone, and demoted the current mayor when he tried getting them arrested.

Needless to say, I got pissed and, rather than start minging, left.

Few days later, on a different server, I see justnet and the corleone’s again. Doing the same stuff as before.

I’ve seen him on several servers and was wondering if anyone else had a problem with these assholes.

My own servers are not up yet and I have not seen him on any other servers either (since I only play on my own servers). But I will watch out in the future and make sure that they pay the price if they don’t follow the rules.

Thank you for the heads up!

Regards, Pete

No problem.