The Correct Way to Download Files

I had created this thread because while I was searching through the Garrys Mod downloads and a lot of people do not understand how to correctly make certain downloads actually work. First thing, you just can’t put the whole file in the “Addons” folder and think it’ll work, NO! What you have to do is that you have to open the downloaded folder (make sure you have the garrysmod folder open in Program Files/Valve/Steamapps/Username/Garrysmod/Garrysmod), and you have to individually take each file and put it in the correct folder within the Garrysmod file. For Example, if you had downloaded a certain folder with a file that has a folder called “Script”, you have to take that file and drag or copy and place it inside the Garrysmod “Script” FOLDER! Also, if the file is dug within more files, you have to make sure it is also in those corresponding files. Some downloads are easy, such as map files (simply place it in the map folder), others are much more difficult, such as vehicle or gun models, which may seem to take ages to finish the individual filing but trust me, once you finish, the download WILL WORK!
If it is difficult, or you feel that you seem to copy the same file again and again, make sure you take on the files in alphabetical and typewriter order (get through the files by top to bottom, left to right) so you don’t lose some misplaced or forgotten files!

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