The Corruption within CoderHire

My Coder and I recently bought a cheap script from Coderhire called ULX Essentials by Lost Alien. We liked it and saw how popular and useful ULX commands could be, so we took a shot at writing a list of our own. We came up with a ton of useful commands and called it MoreULX. One of the commands included ULX crash and ULX crashban.

Lost Alien seeing that there was now another ULX command pack on CoderHire immediately went into the comments and said "If you’re buying this just for the crash, don’t, here’s the code… " and then went to spoil the entire command. I pointed out the fact what he did was against CoderHire’s ToS, but he just told me he didn’t think we should be selling scripts anyway since they’re too simple according to him.

A few hours Later, my Coder gets banned from CoderHire for “Selling other people’s work”. Completely untrue since I was with him as he wrote them himself. I waited for him to finish one script and we tested it as I gave him more ideas. He’s appealed but nothing so far.

Now just a few days later Lost Alien puts up a new script called ULX Extended: (You don’t have to click the link)

It’s obviously a direct copy of many of our commands, including a Disconnect Menu (which we called ulx listjoindcs), Cleanup (which we called ulx clearragdolls), Clear Decals (Which we called ulx cleardecals) Crash and Crashban (which we called ulx crash and ulx crashban), Jump Power, Run Speed and Walkspeed ( ulx jumppower, ulx runspeed, ulx walkspeed), Size (which we called ulx scale). This is no coincidence.

So maybe he has a few that we didn’t make, but that still doesn’t mean they’re original.
One of them being ULX Give. Not original:
And ULX Warn? Not original either,5958.0.html

Here is the splash art I created for my friend to upload along with MoreULX before it was removed.[/t]

In fact, here’s the proof we created the script before he did:



He took advantage of the fact my coder got banned to upload the same script and profit from it:

He doesn’t even deny it. In fact, in his own comments he states:
"Thanks mate, but hell, ulx is easy, but it is useful and there is money in it. I knew I had to release this as fast as possible after the other guy was banned. :P"

So as soon as he posts ULX Extended, I comment saying what he’s doing is hypocritical and disgusting. Of course, Lost Alien reports it and it was gone within a few minutes.
Then I got banned for "flaming and saying things that aren’t true.”

Perhaps people don’t realize how frustrating it is when your work is removed, stolen, and monetized and the person infringing flaunts it and isn’t even punished. In fact, I get punished for even exposing him! So here we are at this moment, there are probably a dozen more people buying this script not realizing what type of corruption has occurred.

The biggest problem though here is Coderhire, as they obviously didn‘t even consider the case or ask for evidence. My coder gets banned for “selling other people’s work” even though they had no proof he stole anything. Firstly, it wasn’t anybody else’s work, like I mentioned, I waited around as we developed and tested these commands. But then I get banned for even mentioning what Lost Alien is doing. But to be honest, Alien probably won’t even be banned for this.

Well shit… Alien’s an ass.

I don’t buy from Codehire anyway. Imo trying to code something you want yourself is much better than just going out and buying it.

As a side note: He also said he was surprised his commands got in, and that CoderHire should be used for selling scripts with more effort put into them like VC-Mod.

This isn’t a moral support group. Don’t use this forum to vent your feelings about CoderHire to.

Astounding. I can not believe the management going on behind CoderHire. To blatantly permit this to happen? Who’s Alien to judge what scripts are worthy of selling.

First of all why are you sending people over from your server to fix the ratings.

Then there’s this

How are you allowed to get away with this.

I feel like the guy should be punished… a lot…

Thanks for your on-topic opinion on the matter at hand.
But why shouldn’t I, Silentfood? I own my own community, they deserve to understand what’s going on as well shouldn’t they? I did not force an opinion on anybody. Let’s not derail this thread.

Hasn’t the guy in charge of the whole website been pointed out as being corrupt himself? He has an account here on FP, and would constantly respond to FP posts about him with troll-ish behavior and bullshit that he couldn’t even be taken seriously.

The whole management is bad. I’m sorry to say, but you’re better off getting over it. There’s corruption and abuse in just about every business/corporation (in a non conspiracy theorist way of saying), and unless you get a huge group of people on your side, nothing will actually happen.

considering 99% of our members don’t have facepunch accounts i find this hard to believe.
and if you think crashban is bad, don’t come on our server to break rules.

Nobody cares about your autistic drama. What makes it even worse is the fact that you sent your fans over here to back you up.

It’s DarkRP. GG you’ve give a bunch of 12 year old autistic admins the ability to mess people’s games up. “Banned 120 mins - DUNT DISRESPECT”

Good job, you’ve proven you didn’t even join.

I really don’t get what this is supposed to mean, but if it’s you saying one of my community’s members sent that, you’re probably wrong. In any case it’s probably referencing your use of the word “autism” and its forms. Otherwise I don’t get why you’re trying to get other people to speak for you.

edit: realized what the message was directed at. i have no idea who actually sent you that message, so what you’re implying is incorrect.

-snip- I get the post now

Wrong area. Post in the coderhire thread with proof, not your sap story for your little 14 year old clan members can all rate you winner.

I rated him winner because the post was well organized and he had the proof all present. There’s a nice way to redirect people to the correct location and an asshole way.

Try this: Compose yourself a large portion of work, submit it to be sold, and let someone steal it so they may claim it as theirs and make money from it. Additionally, you can entertain the thought of being silenced from presenting your case to those responsible for the mistake while the culprit remains unpunished. After all that, then try to reduce your situation to a “sap story”. Deontic thinking would suggest people seek to fix injustice, but it’s certain here you simply don’t care.

(Generic wrong-section-didn’t-read-don’t-care User)
You trying to raise your post count or something?

I am yet to find a single member from my community aside from my own Coder who has rated or participated on anything on this thread. Why are you so worried about this? I couldn’t care less how many stars and gold stickers I get from this post anyway.

I’d agree if it was unique work, but this is just simple ulx commands, most of which can already be found online.

Set runspeed/walkspeed/jumppower are beyond simple, you just call the thing you need on the player, ply:SetJumpSpeed, etc. And was previously available for free
ulx crash has been around for ages
Same with cleanup, clear decals and clear ragdolls, and stopsound, code has been pasted around before.
nolag (+ I’ve seen another one that set phys_timescale to 0)