The Counter Terrorists Drop Down on Some Terrorists

I was proving to a friend CSS models have Fingerposing and then… this… happened.

Don’t ask me why the arctic’s hands are like that cause I don’t know

If you don’t get it, they’re [sp]spiders[/sp]

What the hell?! Whats up with the hands?!

Other than that, pretty coool.

Spoider Counter Terrorists.

These guys are being fired by the combine mortar guys, nothing to see here.

What are those ropes? They look bad.

Was the arctic terrorist floating upside-down in the air before the CT jumped on him?

Some beam rope, and no. The SAS Spider grabbed him by the feet and is pulling him up. I guess the Arctic Terrorist is just revolted by spiders or something.

Oh, now I get it. You should have removed the ropes, though, unless they’re a part of the pic.

Yeah it’s part of it, they’re spider soldiers. Hence the “Drop Down on” in the title.

Oh. I thought that they just kind of jumped down on them.

I like the lighting :o

Well I laughed, I think it’s good. Nice job :v:

The posing is great and adds to the hilarity of the overall picture.

why are they hanging from ejaculate

Because they are engineered to do so. Do you not know science?


Oh yeah and they make a “SssSSSsSSSSssSSssSsssss” noise.