The Coup

Al-Asad executes president Al-Fulani. Obviously,made after the COD4 mission “The Coup”.

Isn’t it spelt “Coupe?”

I’m not sure. At least the name of the mission in COD4 is The Coup.

So yeah.

In before thread is locked for undescriptive title.

Posing is pretty decent. A little too much depth-of-field though.

Thanks. Can i somehow change the title something more descriptive?

Did you dupe the background guys? If so, shame on you.

I don’t think you can now it has been posted. In the future though, you could do something like this:

“The coup” - Breen about to be shot by a militiaman

or something like that.

Agh! Lo res CSS gun! Nice posing.

nice pose try to use less low-res guns

Woah! Almost like the real thing (from COD4)! The courtyard area in the mansion map may have been more appropriate though, but that would mean no helicopters.