The Covenant attacking Earth

I quite like Halo so I decided to make this:

(i noticed that the sign doesn’t blend in well)

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goddamn jpeg compression

I don’t like the sky, And overall the color scheme is very offputting and erratic, and the contrast is far too high.

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That put aside, i respect you for making a halo picture in such a hostile community.

Decided to overdo the contrast to make it have that Halo feeling :v:

I don’t see anything wrong with Halo pictures. Pictures can have anything as long as it looks decent in my opinion. In this case it’s a nice picture.

You misunderstood me, I love the HALO series, I’ve played the trilogy from start to finish at least three times, It’s just FP seems to discriminate against HALO fans.


You think you could reupload it with better jpeg quality? What did you do? It’s horrible (the quality)

wow, what a little bitch you are :v:

I must’ve fucked up something while editing because nothing seems to fix it :c

ok, well it looks good though

No I used GIMP. I still have the original so I can edit it again (i’ll probably do it tomorrow). I’ve never had a problem with GIMP before but I guess I should start using photoshop.

Reminds me of the Bridge level on Halo 2

damn memories flooding in now, that game was so good

He moved on from mapping to posing :v:

Nice picture, really like it. Though you could remove the spartan in the side seat, he just seems out of place.

I remember playing that level with my bro

And he bitched there too

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ahhh, you don’t really need to go through all of that trouble again. Probably took some time editing it. I think people can see you did something good here. I don’t know, if you feel like doing it do it

“little bitch”

Why am i a little bitch for pointing out what i think is wrong and could be improved upon? That is the definition of CRITICISM.

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No actually i’ve been posing since 2008, Although i prefer to forget my pre-2010 poses because they’re for want of a better word, liquid shit.

you bitch about others critizing you and dumbing you, i weren’t referring to you critizing his work,i was referring to “such a hostile community”

I was referring to FP hating on Halo and Xbox in general. If i wanted to say something about FP in general i’d say so. Don’t be such a little spin-doctor.

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I worded it a bit cottonmouthy, yes. But in no place did i say it was FP in general. If i wanted to say it about FP i wouldn’t have specified halo poses.

Yeah, bitching. Ofc you can say something about FP in general, didn’t say you couldn’t. I think it’s funny what you say and bitch about


You know what. I’m not gonna bother arguing with you because you’re either a goddamn mentalist or you’re a terrible, TERRIBLE troll.

hypnotoad’s a mentalist? Like Simon Baker ‘n’ shit?