The Creator's sackbot on guard duty and a pyro encounters a giant heavy.

It is kinda boring but atleast it’s a little different. =)
The thing in his hand is a nail, it was the only good weapon like thing I could find.

I so want that Pyro model.

Where did these models come from?

They are amazing.

Yeah, they do look great. Can you release them, or are they private?

the atmosphere is great, the models are even more great…

i can actually do something with this and the asian kid

I am kinda scared what the Blu Heavy is going to do to that mini Red Pyro, with his shotgun :ohdear:

Anyways, I can not stop looking at this, it looks very cool, amazing work!

(Also, I want those models :iia:)

Cute <3

I made them, thank you. =)

Right now they are private and I won’t release them for a while because I don’t think they are that good yet.

I’m actually kinda scared of what you might come up with.

Oh, don’t you worry. The pyro is smarter than he looks. He isn’t one of those w+m1 pyros. =P

You never finished your Pyro comic >:[

Oh yeah… I forgot about that. =]

I’d love to see that comic finished.

Good work on these pics.