"The Creature of Sin"

A quick pose I did to test out the new Aeon Calcos model.

Selling hot fried Ivy, $5.

Whoa, almsot looks like General Scales from StarFox Adventures. Almost.

bloom overkill

dat ass

Does that mean I can also fuck my own food?

you sick escaphiliac

I like the zoom on the left lower corner of the pic… Anyways, a medal for you! I do agree with one of the comments saying “bloom overkill”.

Ears not pointy enough.

The ass was fat

Deviantart is down or something? Can’t see the picture.

Which one is the creature of sin?

You, the person who’s going to tap dat ass.

Aeon’s official nickname in the promotional material is “the creature of sin”, to answer people’s questions.

wow ryu gi posting a picture featuring a soul calibur girl being victimized by some kind of creature