The Cremator Poster

Basicly I Want This Pic:
On This Poster:

It won’t work. The image is too long for the poster model. Resize it, then upload it. If you want someone to skin for you, at least help them to help you.

Or, I could resize the model itself. :v:

that would be much better could u do that ?

Sure, why not.

thank u

Or just Alpha out the left over space…

is anyone doing this?

Yes yes, I’ll get to it.
I’ve been busy with other things.


I bow to u

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I was also doing the rest of the posters. (not the posters from Portal, unless you want those too.)

Yes please that would be cool


I don’t mind the aparture ones but I would like to have the cake poster please

All of the beta posters are done.

Now for the normal HL2 posters.


Finished the normal posters.

I hope you intend to release the blank poster along with the finished ones.

What blank poster?

The base model you’re using for the posters.

Finished the Portal posters.

Now to test in-game.

I never made a blank poster, but I can have one use the “poster_back” sheet on both sides.

Wow looks better than I expected to get