The Crews, 1984 REDUX, Crowned, The Matrix, Ellis Machete, Dr. Nick

I didn’t think these pictures really deserved individual threads so I said “screw it, I’ll just make them into one.”

This one I didn’t feel I liked it enough for its own thread… mainly because of how I posed Francis… YEESH!


I decided to re-edit this one, just for the hell of it.


Original Edit or whatever:


Just some fun with the Oblivion models. Which are unfortunately too small or too large…


Wesker is a Neo wannabe, so yeah.


Ellis found a machete. He also fucked his fingers up too.



When this dies, I’ll post some real poses…

Hi doctor Nick.

DEAR GOD! Where did you get the RE5 Wesker model?
Nick’s helmet made me laugh.

The first one is amazing! Except for Francis ofcourse, a shame. Good job on the rest though.


S-Low’s site.

Thanks y’all.


Awww I wanted to be the first on making a pose with the Wesker model :frowning:
Well, anyway may I ask, hows the rigging on the model?

I liked the posing, but in the first pic all of them are flying :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank ya Ben, now I just hope the install works for me.
Seeing as how it was made for a CS server.

Louis’ posing seems a bit off

Francis doesn’t seem fingerposed!

Everything else is neato

He pretty much has the same rigging as the Counter-Strike dudes.

Plus, Louis is the only one who is actually floating. Somehow the angle I took caused some sort of optical illusion or some shit.

Boy does that sound like a crappy excuse or what?

Yeah sorta, since even from that distance, francis would be taller

I horrifically posed Francis anyhow.