The "Cubbage and This One Show" intro movie

Whether an episode of this will ever actually happen, I don’t know - but it would surely be awesome. Who doesn’t love the true hero of the Seven Hours War - Odessa Cubbage!

Bloody 'eck! This HAS to be made into a full series!

I lol’d, they should make this into a series

Full series, NOW!

Sull feries, NAO!

that was great


That was epic.

I need an mp3 of this.

There is a full episode coming soon, it’ll just take some waiting, is all.

I recorded it with replay music, saved it as a .wav though. Shouldn’t be a problem I hope?

**Download: **

Cheeri mother-f***ing ho!

Like it! I want to watch the first episode too.

spines shivers Throat urks Please, god, NO.

Dude that was awesome…make a full episode plz :slight_smile:

Well, thanks all for that - Andrew Kepple (who recorded the music - you might already know him as the creator of many Lemon Demon song videos, or award-winning Albino Black Sheep animator) has recorded the voice parts for a whole episode - complete with horrible jokes and infuriating American 80’s sitcom style laugh-track. So yeah - I think the internets can take another god-awful G-Mod movie, don’t you?

I’ll post here when we’ve made it. And here’s a link to the original MP3, so you never have to go another whole day without some Cubbage ever again. Lucky you!

MP3 (size: about 993kb - right click & ‘save as’)