The Cubbage & This One Show: Sunday Short #1

By Jove! Here’s a spot of Cubbage machinima for you - as he and This One lose their ball in grumpy Old Mr. Combine’s garden.

Video am here:

Excellent voice acting, I must say :v:


Yeah the voices were great. :smiley:

Choley, eh, eh Choley. Luuk olva thar, tha unes got un RPG! Brilliant work, good work chap, Brilliant! I do believe I was just entertained. Jolly good. Bloody brilliant with blasted crumpets, I say.

Fantastic! I already had the theme song in my favourite videos.

You’re British, Necro?

this be even greater if you used SDK face posing.

I most certainly am.


The bar has been raised.