The Cube

The Cube has escaped the Aperture Science Laboratory, and is coming to a local gmodder near you.

*Beware. *

Please watch in HD.



I shall not subscribe, don’t tell me to.


Other than the stupid thing that told me to subscribe, this was pretty good, raited paint.

It was very simple. And I tought it was about the movie :frown:


I was about to like but then… The end was just… :suicide:


Ending was indeed rushed.

Well done, Artistic for you.

Your filming techniques are awesome

I may give them a try in some of my future videos.

People put that in their videos, I am starting to do it because, PEOPLE ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBE, its their for the idiots who watch movies and forget to give support to the maker, I’m sorry you are a rare occurrence of stupidity.

Now I liked the video, but the parts with the shake i feel was over kill.
So less shake.

Why thank you good sir your kind words are inevitably appreciated.

I will cherish this artistic for years to come.

I highly doubt many people see that and think, “yehoklol ir gun subscib” I wuld have thought more people would be deterred from subscribing because of it.

Ive had 2 thousand views on a video, all 5 star ratings no negative feed back and no one subscribed, I went back and added subscribe in it, and i got 7 subscribers in a day.

Amazing video. Loved the camera effects. Ending was fucking funny. Just change subscribe for the last 10 seconds or so of the video. Also, you got your self a subscriber!

yeah, same. I went from 4 subscribers to 33 by posting “subscribe you rock star” at the end of my most popular video and now I have 33 and counting.

Good video, like the use of catmull-rom cameras.

Thanks for thecomments guys.

Fucking sweet, but please deactivate the bloom when you film, will ya? : )

You should add bloom and other effects ALWAYS in the post production.

lol to be honest, i didn’t purposly put it on, it was just…on

I never use bloom… bloom just seems… gmod bloom is horrible, so agree.

That was awesome. What’s the chase scene music sounded like Matrix for a sec.