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What is the Cubester?
The Cubester is a newer community which was created in order to create an environment where players can have fun and not need to worry about minges ruining their gameplay or about getting banned for silly things. Our admin team at The Cubester devotes a large chunk of their time in order to make sure that the players can work together smoothly and that no problems within control occur. This doesn’t mean that they don’t roleplay along with the other players though, For we encourage that everybody enjoys their time on the server and that it doesn’t become a hassle when playing but rather a break from the real world. The Cubester is an Australian based community, but we make sure that our server and forums don’t lag for any American or European players. The main language spoken in the community is English, and we encourage the rule that players should have a decent knowledge of the English language.

We have an admin team who devotes their time to keeping the server running smoothly, but we also have a Dev team who devotes a large chunk of their time in order to make sure that the script runs smoothly, the website runs smoothly, and that we can hopefully have new models and maps in the near futures. We also provide a unique experience both gameplay and script wise so that players can appreciate the work that is put into their enjoyment along with the fact that our server is something different. Our community is also growing larger and larger each day, and we plan on purchasing more servers with different content so that more players can enjoy the community.

Server Information: Serious Half-Life 2 Roleplay

Our current server is our Serious HL2 Roleplay server which runs off of a modified Tacoscript and plays on C18 mainly. The storyline is like most of the other Hl2 themed roleplay gamemodes, in which you are an oppressed citizen living in a Combine ruled world and you are trying your hardest to survive. You can join the CCA and help keep order on the streets or perhaps you might join the Resistance and try to liberate mankind once and for all. If none of these appeal to you then perhaps you might want to create your own group or just roleplay has a citizen, we encourage diversity after all.
What makes this so different from the other Hl2 Roleplay communities?*

Well for starters, We are modifying our current version of Tacoscript to make it unique from the rest, and we are also working on creating our own community map in the near future. We also don’t stick strictly with the Hl2 Canon in the sense that we allow our players to decided the outcome of things and we are currently changing in every which way on the server has the players continue to mold the world they play in. We also encourage players to take part in our many discussions and to give out their ideas so that they can play on the server that they want to and not just what the super admins do.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to have Starfox models walking along the street or gun dealers or anything like that, but if we perhaps want to include a new faction then it is completely up to the players to form it in a set environment provided by us. Being a server that is just starting out, every player also has the chance to make something of themselves and to stand out and have a say, although we ask that every player does this so that we can have the community that we want to play in. Our server is usually always has players on it, But being an Australian based server most of our activity is based around that time. In GMT time this is usually 3AM-12PM GMT.

On a side note, I would just like to point out that our server is currently ranked #22 out of all the Gmod servers and is ranked #3 out of all the Australian based Gmod servers.

Server Factions

-Combine Civil Authority(CCA): The Combine Civil Authority, or CCA, Is the largest faction on the server. They patrol the streets and enforce the law and make sure that everything is kept in order. Created after the Seven Hour war, their main job is to make sure that the citizens stay in line while the Combine do what they want to the world. They can be joined via the forums, and the rules are also posted there.

-The Resistance: The Resistance is a group of refugees who formed together and try to overthrow the combine hold on the earth. They remain hidden among the outlands and canals, but they can often be found residing along the outer city limits doing small raids and trying to “Liberate” the citizens. Whether you think this is a group of saviors or a group of tattered idiots trying to ruin the good life, they are one of the most influential factions ingame.

-The Brotherhood: The Brotherhood is a group of citizens who have banded together and they do things around the city. Their loyalty is unknown, And their actions often vary as well but this is what they describe themselves has…
“The Brotherhood are the last remnants of the security details that once protect the great city centers from the beast spewed out by the portal storms. They are trained soldiers hardened in the fires of combat. We are not to falter for we are the last hope of humanity.”
They are an invite only group and you must contact them ingame.

-Combine Loyalist Citizens(CLC): This is a player created group as well, and I don’t seem to know what they do due to the fact that they remain hidden so well… But this is their guidlines.
*Group function: - To aid the Combine in their duties

  • To aid in the dissolution and destabilisation of anti-Combine establishments
  • To maintain peace in the city (which rules out killing or harming anybody)
  • Inform the Combine of recent anti-citizen behaviour or rule breaking within the city, such as contraband sales, anti-Combine discussions, what not.*
    This is an invite only group and if you manage to find them ingame then it’s a feat of its own.

Please note that we encourage you to create your own groups, So this isn’t all there could be in the future.


The website is being worked on but you can find the link at the top of the page. We have given the website a blueish color which appeals to the eye more. We also have a forum system on the website, which includes a Roleplay section and a section in which our players can discuss anything else. We have some other fun things on the website which link directly ingame such has a Character Viewer which allows you to view every Characters on our server and is updated the second a player creates a new character. We also have a donating section if you wish to help support our community, and we also have sections for News, Events, Downloads, Etc. Please take a small time out of your day to check out our forums, We are sure that you won’t find them disappointing.

Extra comments

We would like to thank you for reading this and to please take a chunk of your time to visit our server and forums and to try it out for yourself. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to post them and I will try my hardest to answer them. Thanks for reading this, and we hope you enjoy our community as much has we do.

You could at least make the Combine Civil Authority unique, rather being an exact copy of Taco 'N Banana’s system, but with different squad names.

We are changing it, Like I said we are relatively new so most of our stuff is probably taken. And yes, we are going to change the rank structure and the such.

Cubester’s is pretty cool.

It could probably be you. You may not have all the models… I think…

It’s hardly his fault if he joins the server and everything isn’t provided for him. You didn’t advertise a content pack or anything, either. So in that case, it’s probably you.

I love their server. Question what copy of taco script are you using, I can’t find a stable one.

There is no stable copy of TacoScript available, you are going to have to download the leak and fix and edit up it yourself.

Well that sucks. We’ll I guess it time to stop being lazy.

Besides that weird skin error, the server is pretty cool.

Ignoring the stray shitty admin or player.

Lets not forget the moronic quiz before admittance to the server can be granted with open ended questions that you can fail, oh how great an idea that must have seemed after that aneurysm caused half your brain matter to leak out through your right ear. I seldom ever toss about insults but come on… I wont be trying your server now or in the near future sorry. After reading paragraphs of introductory I cant be bothered to do additional research on the side just to be allowed into the server.

I aced the quiz on my first try. It’s really not that hard.

Was it just one of those quizzes that places running on Tacoscript usually have, like before you join?
Asking you what OOC/IC is, whether it’s “fun” to DM, and stuff like that?
If so, I really don’t know how you managed to flail, Archon. They’re usually common sense questions.

Sounds pretty cool, I think ill swing by the forums and sign up then jump on the server.

This is on almost every tacoscript running server, :expressionless:

Also, The servers been going downhill lately… So yeah, I’m kind of going to just warn any users that plan on going on to be careful of the retards with power.

Uhhh… I think the site’s down.

Yeh, sorry about that, my website provider told me the site was too busy and therefore was slowing other websites down that were on the server. So I changed servers.

The website is back up, and I am looking for help to boost our roleplay up again.