\+/ The Cult Rust Server - RP/PVP/Sleep. Noob Friendly, KoS Discouraged, House Trolling Not Tolerated. Events.

As fanatic roleplayers, our organization refuses to accept the notion that “it’s only a game.” We focus on seeding and developing communities of players who are forced to rely on one another for survival and prosperity. Earn the trust of your fellows, or their hate and ire. Keep your head low, or burn the candle at both ends. In our community, you are what you make yourself. We provide the tools, you make the game.

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely already going to fit in on our server. Please reply with any questions or concerns.

+/Cult |NoobFriendly|RPEvents|PVPSleep|DoorShare|CustomLoot|KoS Discouraged|House Trolling Not Tolerated

Connecting to the Cult Rust Server:
100 Slots, hosted by FPSPlayers.com
US, West Coast. PvP and Sleepers Enabled.
Noob Friendly. RP & Events
Rust++: /history, /location, /share, /unshare
Drop Party: Assault Weapons are Rare.
Research Kits do not exist.
20 Players required for Air Drops.
Explosive Charge craftable with Air Drop mats only.
Wiped at 1pm Pacific Time, January 17th.


Rules to Live By:
-Noob Friendly. We were all new to the game once. The Cult wants to help new players get acclimated to the game. We love Rust, and want to promote its success with YOU.
-Killing on Sight is discouraged. We’re not going to tell anyone they can’t do it, but add to the flavor of the game and the community by interacting with your prey beforehand.
-House Trolling is NOT tolerated. We consider walling up a player in their house to be an exploit, and we will not allow this kind of trolling in our community.
-Roleplay is encouraged. You don’t have to talk or act a certain way, just make more use of in-game voice, and less of in-game chat.

Yes! We will schedule and host events. Think along the lines of the community attacking the Cult’s fort, and having an intense shootout, where every kill earns you drops to help you progress further in. Maybe a hunt for a certain group of players with world chat disabled so that players are forced to interact with one another in a real world scenario. Hostage taking events, etc. You name it. We will keep open lines of communication with the community to take suggestions on events and provide active Administration for player sponsored/ hosted events as well.

Things are looking up. This early in the morning and we’ve still got five active players. Thanks for your interest.


I know we’ve been down for an hour and a half or so. But please note that this is an issue with Steam’s servers and not our individual server. Thanks for understanding!

And we’re back up.

Good news! Server has been patched and we have tested and verified it’s working well.

Bump for Great Justice. We’ve got a stable server population and new people come in every half hour or so.

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay, but we’re updated and tested, and our server is working perfectly. See you all in game.

Patched again this morning. Running solid and stable. Thanks for keeping up!

Could you tell me which city the server is hosted

I’m having a blast here. There are some conflicts arising, and sides are being taken. The events are quite fun and there are many more planned for the future.

Hosted in Los Angeles.

We’re updated to all patches now (including the one this afternoon). No lag/ attack symptoms since for about the last six hours.

Anyone else unable to connect?

Sorry about the downtime there. Looks like in the half hour I was away, another patch was pushed! Sorted out now though. Looks like people are connecting fine.

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Unfortunately, attacks have resumed. This was confirmed by FPSPlayers.com . I will post an update once one is available.

Patched and ready again! Got to say, great thing about patching so often is getting to bump my server thread =)

Unfortunately we had to ban our first player today. They violated the house trolling rule. Walled up a guy in his own house. Man, I hate that. I know they’ll fix it in the future, but it’s annoying as shit in the mean time.

Server stability has been solid all night. No recent attack symptoms according to the 10-15 people who have been playing all night. Hopefully we’ve weathered the storm pretty solidly.

We’re growing! We’ve gotten to around 100 logged off users, and 15-20 active at any given time. Stop by and pay us a visit!

I joined this server yesterday after browsing for an RP community on Rust.

After a day of exploring, I can highly recommend joining this server. There exists just the right amount of community involvement and respect in tandem with the conflict and competition the game produces and we all love.

The RP standards are modest, enough for a person who enjoys working a character to life but not intimidating to a newer player.

I really am impressed with the server and I hope to see it flourish in the days to come.


I was really enjoying this server until this evening when I experienced a head-shot while gathering resources. This occurred during a pvp event which was on the opposite side of big civ where 2 other individuals were head shot & killed on sight. It was clear I was shot through multiple walls in a 3 to 6 bullet spray that also head-shot the other 2 individuals. PM me for player information.

I’m always suspect of a nameless post and a request for private conversations in a situation like this. I checked with the main people who call this server home, and no one’s aware of this scenario.

Again, KoS is discouraged, but isn’t forbidden. We want to promote a community atmosphere more than run/gun gameplay. The server is full of all kinds of healthy rivalries, bandits, hunters, and hunted.