The Curious Citizen

This is the first video that i have shown to people

i need tips on how to hide the hud

is there a way to also hide the freezing rings wich appeared on the ragdoll aswell?

i loled a bit when it exploded could be on a better map tho like rp_downtown v2 or v3

To be honest, crap.
Didn’t even make me smile.


Fair Enough.

Heh, I thought it was amusing.

sv_cheats 1
cl_drawhud 0

To get rid of HUD

A beautiful thing I do, is always take atleast 2 takes.
That way you can use the better, or best, one.

Next, try to get rid of things like the white circles when freezing.
To do this, hold it where you want it,
Then freeze it.

When putting the video together, crop the last second or two to get rid of circles…

Thanks for the tips

they’ll be really useful for me

Too obvious.

I knew something would happen to him.
Gotta add suspense, and maybe he is surrounded by explosives, and when he presses the button, he explodes, completely random.

Oh, and do you have a link to the hands-at-side thing?

You should have used a better map.

Amusing, but its been done millions of times before.

Who the fuck asked you?

Why would you bump this?