The current state of my mind.

Fired up GMod. Inspiration was currently in another galaxy so I made this.

Ahahaha. I feel the same too.

Wow, those emptiness looks beautiful!

most people seem to completely ignore my threads

Not another damn empty picture by rastifan.

Out of ideas?

I did make a picture out of no ideas:c00l:


I was. My head was a void of nothingness.

Wheres Kramer’s picture?

Kramer’s picture???

What the hell?

Too much empty space.

oh no,not a next bandwagon…

This be the picture he’s talking about.

Haha, he’s on the ground because of it’s epicness

Haha, you inspired me to make one.



Thread music:

I’m not that fucking aggressive you asshole!

Yes you are Chesty. But in a good way. You get the boys wanting to improve them selves:eng101:
Invested some time on the poses. Do you approve?

I see you and VMan don’t get this, but you are like the big daddys along with Uberslug what posing and edits are concerned.
Have pm’s about you from newer FP users who sees you as the elite. I think you terrify them:smile: