The cut version of the Antlion Guardian

The blue one, it was cut and replaced by the glowing green one
(Proof: )

Anyway, since it was cut, I figured (And correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m fairly sure) that it would be legal to have a copy of it, even without own EP2. The files for the blue antguard are in EP1, but no-where in game is it found. (Mind you, take a look around the GCF and there’s alot of EP2 stuff, like the antlion grubs, as well as several voice clips)

I was wondering if someone could make it work in Gmod as a model, and (sorry if i’m being a bit overdone here :P) also an NPC, although i’m fairly sure I could do that myself, though I have no experience of LUA besides looking at the codes people post :stuck_out_tongue:

A picture of the guard itself (but not the skin sheet) can be found searching further down the Antlion Guardian Combine OverWiki page, or if you’re lazy, here’s a link -

If the skin sheet is included in the episode 1 GCFs, I could replace the default Antlion guardian skin with it. You’d need to download an NPC of it to work in gmod, but once you had that I could set up the folder hierarchy and stuff.

I don’t have EP1 or EP2, but I was reading about the Antguardian and this intruiged me. I have no clue about any of this stuff which is why i’m asking if someone could fix it up (if needed) and hex it :stuck_out_tongue:


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This was released ages ago… I had it … it was on but i think it got taken down

Yeah, it got taken down because that also included the final copy of the EP2 Guardian.

Or you could just give the regular Antlion skin and give it a blue hue to it.

Never looks as good when you just give it a hue.
Take the normal gravgun, hue it blue, then compare it to the megagravgun.

Looks really good, but it’s too ‘icey’ or frost-like for the setting of EP1.

I had this on a while ago. Reading the posts, apparently it got deleted, and I just checked and it isn’t there.

You wouldn’t need either, for my plan. As far as I know, the Antlion guardian NPC on includes the models and materials.

It’s for EP2, and yeah, that was one of the reasons it got cut

I’ve tried that, it uses the HL2 Antlion Guard model, no problems there, but the materials aren’t working, at least not for me, and it shows up pink-and-black. Mind you, i’ve reinstalled so I may try that again if it was a conflicting addon.

Though that’s not the point, I want the cut version because frankly, it’s awesome :3


Yeah just tried it, still pink-and-black, although I did figure out how to fix the broken spawn-icon, because whoever made it doesn’t realise that no-one else has his desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I found it in the GCF file of Episode One, Ill upload it in a sec.

Also, nice comparison with the gravity gun.

Don’t upload it because that’s illegal. He needs to own Ep1 to have it.

That’s what I was saying in the first post, because it’s cut content, I don’t believe (And I could be wrong) that it’s illegal. It’s EP2 stuff that was cancelled, but never removed from the EP1 GCF.

Actually until you buy EP1/2 It’s 100% Illegal for you to own ANYTHING from the game,

No butts.

Even though it’s not from the game, just in the GCF?

Seriously, look all around the game itself, even try spawning it and you won’t be able to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

The texture is included as content for a game that you pay for. Whether it is used in the game or not, it is illegal to have without owning the game.

… But the HL2 demo includes the ravenholm and city17 trainstation levels, yet I don’t have the HL2 demo and I have them. I don’t have HL2 either :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry’s Mod Comes with the source engine therefore by proxy the Hl2 Maps/models