The Cyberpunk Series Compilation

(Chronological Order)
Chapter 1 “There’s Faith in the darkest places…”

-Lock your
-Watch out for
-Faith’s got a small implant on her arm like the Medium Punks from Dystopia, i think EA are Dystopia Fans.
-This pic was unplanned but came out good imo.

-M’lord you have not slept A: Yes i have i woke up at 5am to make poses like this just for you
-Why is faith chained up? A: The cop and faith were lovers, and faith being a cyberpunk meant that both of them are gonna be tortured for “Treason” When they did nothing wrong
-Will faith be raped? A: Likely not, she’ll prolly just be processed for experimentational surgeries, such as new lobotomy derivatives, live vivisections(Cutting open and looking at the organs) ETC, She’ll prolly loose half her brain but atleast she isn’t dead.

-That’s a fresh cig, that’s why it’s not lit
-Started as just a cop in the subway but i decided against it
-There’s a dying punk lower left

-Edit’s are so minor that “The Combine” will prolly call me out on it
-If you didn’t get the story, Jack and Jessica had fucked up some of the Corps bases, and escaped, but were tailed, and crashed, putting jessica into a long coma, while Jack is still alive and so is jessica(Her implants healed her) She’s still unconcious, and jack lost use of his right eye.

No that is not the same guy as the tortured police officer, i have limited models.

-Yes those are Dystopia/sin models/maps
-Ben i only rip you off because i CARE
Chapter 2 “Cannon Under fire” Coming soon.

Also, it’s likely Chapter 2 will be ALOT Darker, some characters may die and shit.

Idea of the story needs work. Posing is alright,but the faceposing is HORRIBLE. Interesting camera angles would make it better

Hey, I was about to rip Ben off! :black101:

You do realize 90% of these poses was spent on faceposing?

Not really,because its not that good

These were made a week ago

Everyone’s ripping off Ben. Get some originality peeps. The story is okay and the posing is awkward at times. But other than that it’s alright I guess.

The story wasn’t ripped off ben

Never said it was. :raise:

I never said it was.


I never said the story was ripping off Ben.



I never said the story was a rip off. :rolleyes:

In fact, I never specified what was a ripoff.

I don’t get it. Posing is mediocre.

I will keep an eye on this one.


Needs better camera angles