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Welcome to The DaDs Army Rust Server,

We are a clan who have been around many years, running currently over 20 servers with numerous games for everyone interest. We have some great teammates and admins ready to help you.

We offer;

  • Starter Kits to get you going when you spawn
  • Custom Pre-Built Homesteads for those that want a quick home (You are welcomed to craft your own)
  • 50% Crafting (For quicker building)
  • DoorSharing (You and your friends or Clan can share doors)
  • Money system, you gain money for what you do example, Killing zombies, Animals, other players…etc
  • Bounty Hunt, You can place a contract on someones head for a price. (If a certain player has killed you you can avenge your death by having other go after him for a price)
  • Store, Our store system offers numerous items from food, bandages,tools, ammo, guns, and even C4 explosives (This is game money base, NOT real money)
  • PvP, Player Vs Player (People will kill you here, So surviving its of essence)
  • ClanWars, We encourage other Clans to come in our server and build their own HQ’s and take on some of our other clans and players
  • Airdrops, Our C130’s are ready to go at all times. We offer numerous airdrops throughout the day and we also have massive airdrops during evening hours.
  • Scavange Hunts, We offer numerous chests and loot bags in our server at various discreet locations were you can find yourself some goodies.
  • C4, Explosive charges are available anywhere from zombies, chests, boxes or even purchase at our store.
  • Live Admins, We offer 24/7 Live admins at our server for your comfort. We are willing to help and welcome new players to get you going. We are friendly and DO NOT ABUSE our rights !!!

We hope to see you building a future and making a difference in our server,
Surviving is a priority !!!

You can find us under the MOD Tab of your game under The DaDs Army |50%Craft|Doorsharing|PreBuilt Homesteads|StarterKits|Money|Bounty|Store|PvP|ClanWars|Airdrops|ScavangeHunts|C4|LiveAdmins
or by IP:

Goodluck and happy hunting !!!

The DaDs Army . Com

[DaDs] FDNY***


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We are currently over 18 players and rising, get in here and claim your property !!!

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Might have to give it a try.


Hands down, best sever I have come across yet! The game is great on it’s own. Love everything about it. But to find a server where the admins actually care about your enjoyment of the game and the community, is something special. Sure, you kill each-other…but it’s the friendliest slaughter I’ve ever been a part of. Nice to play with like-minded gammrs with a sense of humor. I have a new home.

Got on the server a few days ago, great server! Admins aren’t abusive jerks, the “custom homesteads” are a neat idea, they just need more. It gives the noobs sort of a beginning place to call home. Starter kit is great, they give you everything to get going right away

I was talking to an admin and they said they plan on lowering the explosive charges (C4) spawn to be more rare as well as the military weapons. They did a massive airdrop with “radio chatter” at one point that was cool, I got some good loot for my house!

Is the server still up?

Server appears to be back up now, looks like their host is getting DDOS’ed…I’m not sure who they’re with but we had about 14 people on it earlier and it was fun.

I just played on this server and the admins did an airdrop and I got some explosives! it was great, there was about 10 people on and it was dropped right into the middle of a town with zombies… definately a keeper.

bump to the top for these guys!

Shameless bump for a great server