The daily commute to work in 2019 police-state Tokyo + A BONUS

Thread music:

I’m not best pleased with this, but whatever:

And here’s your bonus, something I made a while ago but never bothered to post (because it is generic and the rim-lighting sucks):

C&C and all that jazz.

Looks cool.
And it looks like the Combine on the left is humping the citicens back :v:

The lighting is nice

Urgh we need new civilian models, ripped from GTA IV or something, because these guys look like utter shit, especially stood next to nice Neo Tokyo models.

I like the glow on the stunstick. Nice job.

Changin course to more passive screens, eh Chesty?

I dunno, I would do if there were some decent models with which to do passive screenshots. I think a lot of people who complain about the amount of military stuff on the forums fail to realise that all of our civilian models look like shit and pose like shit. This is something I have been forced to accept over the past few days.

That’s the left side…

:doh: sorry

That’s real cool. <3

The bonus pic is pretty badass. :U


Gracias everyone.

The first one is well done, but boring, second one is a bit too dark. The Rimlighting is not that bad, i’d just choose other places to use it.

I like them, artistic.

Boring. Hm. I guess the general consensus of the forums is that I go back to generic then.

So much for trying, Chesty old boy.

no, don’t do that.

just make more action shots in the new setting.

I like the Vietnam style bonus =)

No no no, i didn’t mean it like that :3 don’t go generic, It’s just becouse 3/4 of pic is people standing. And the camera angle.

Actually, I’ve never seen these dystopian-themed poses as much as I’d like. Keep up the good work. Perhaps create a scene inspired by the opening scene from Children of Men?

That’s a great idea. You mean when [sp]the bomb goes off in the cafe[/sp]? I was thinking of doing that after I saw the film, but never got around to it.

Id love to see something AvP related from you