The damn Gman face of death

Its frickin annoying
I have scanned the garysmod folder with the latest software and it didnt find nothin
Any suggestions to get rid off it once and for all ?


Also it seems evry time i log on it comes up with porn

Delete garrysmod/garrysmod/cache and garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg

The virus is there

And if you want to feel safe,delete garrysmod/garrysmod/lua.

They all regenerate when you reboot GMod.

Also,download the GMod Beta SVN. Search it and you’ll find some forums on it.

is it scary?
did you download something or did you go on a server and got it?

This sounds all too much like the “LUA porno virus” post in this very thread. Do any folders in the LUA folder say anything about “chrisaster”?

mini peanut5
is it scary?
did you download something or did you go on a server and got it?

Trust me mate it is frickin scary.
First of all a face of Gman appears and then t directs you to the help and support page.
If you load up Gmod again shit happens
It loads up a wierd page and then starts laughing.

I sware i see his name some where. He or she should ought to be brought to justice

ok then i think i wont want to find out anything else about it now
luckily i havnt got it (fingers crossed)

i have heard that if you downloaded the new gib system with bones it causes this. just a rumour though.

You get it when you join servers that are random like…

When it says it has like, 12 people on server list and dosent in game…
its an infected server

I downloaded this, and I don’t think it happened. Either way, the fuckin’ thing didn’t work at all, so I don’t doubt it. However, my username in SP has changed to some wierd-ass name, but the console still says my regular name.