The Damned City | city 8 | garrys mod | HD | Movie Production |

so i was fooling around with Garrys Mod and i just wanted to make a movie, this is what happened :smiley:

i could use some positive feedback on the video, on what to do better and such :smiley:

oh, and yes, i made a mistake at the start, when they are supposed to walk, but they just wouldn’t :frowning:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

If you were trying to make the viewer feel something (which you obviously were, don’t try saying you weren’t), it kinda fell flat. Protip: Never use your favourite music in a movie just because it’s your favourite music. It has to fit well with the scene.

In this case, semi-upbeat music didn’t work at all.

Oh and capitalise your damn titles. And don’t put full stops on them.

well it wasen’t my favorite music, i just thought it would fit a bit.
Semi up-beat music? please explain.
so I should capitalise all of the title or just the first letter in each word? :smiley:
yes i was trying to make the viewer feel something, dunno what… but just something :smiley:

What the title

  1. It didn’t.

  2. It was too fast with too strong a drum beat to fit with the scene, which seemed to be that of a sombre atmosphere.

  3. Do it like you did in the thread title: The Damned City

  4. It’s a good idea to know what emotions you’re trying to invoke (envoke?) in the viewers before starting to make a video.

Oh okay, well I will try to do better next time.
Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

it kinda got ruined by the toolgun beams and the music. pretty good for a first try though.

A HD movie isn’t in 4:3 format.

how to change it to other formats then? :o

yeh, i know it got ruined by the toolgun beams :frowning:
and the music will change :smiley:

Depends what software you’re using.

If it’s Movie Maker, Tools > Options

I’m using Sony Vegas :smiley:

In that case, look in render options. It can be accessed by clicking a button to the top-left of the preview window IIRC

oh okay, thanks man! :smiley:

Not to mention, though, that if you’re not recording in 16:10 or 16:9, and change it to so, it will cut off about 30% of the video to fill the space, or do what you have now, with the black border around a 4:3 square.