The dangers of reading

Don’t read on the job.

Not worth a thread, in my honest opinion. The angle could use some work, and the blurring seems a little unnatural.

Super-Stealth Helicopter!
or He just can’t hear it

I had a feeling it wasn’t. But i gave it a shot anyway.
Oh well.

Too busy lost in a book.

who decides whats worth, and what isnt?

This isn’t the philosophy section :v:

That is a big book.

Shakespear wrote alot of shit man

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This is the edition for seniors.

That’s not very subtile…

Reading kills. The picture is shit. :downs:

Thanks Faraon. I highly apreciate your opinion!
Don’t forget to rate dumb on all pictures that arn’t yours. You’ve been falling behind on that lately :smile:

Clever trick with the book.

Oh look, Faraon_ZzZ is rating everyone dumb!

I have so much respect for him now, it’s just gushing out!

Truley he is the finest screenshot contributer to ever bless facepunch!

“Woah man, these books are like…stuck together somehow.”

“It’s almost as if someone… welded these books together! But how?”

To be honest I could probably photoshop it to look better.