The Dark Knight

is someone there working on the model of the dark knight?
i know this is a lot of work but i would be amazing to the rigged

Check the Batman release thread

There is a hexed skin of Batman that is the Dark Knight (Movie).

i saw it before but im requesting for a model :frowning: not just a reskin

maybe this would help

It’s a cowl?

Hexed isn’t a reskin. Hexed is when you make a different model of a reskin.

it still the same model from AC

well that certainly has his costume
although it looks a bit weird but im sure it would look better texture (the textures in the pack are shit and not helpful)
not bad though

if someone actually wants to rig and or texture this for source they can be my guest

maybe the textures from the hexed model would help

yeah if i fuckin, did all that shit myself
which i dont think i want to do

maybe someone would want to, i mean, its the goddamned batman!!!

they can be my guest, here’s all the suit in an obj

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his feet are way too wide too wtf

i know its not perfect i would need a little work but its better than nothing i guess :confused:

Is it an issue i can fix by just skinning the existing textures up?

If so, ill see what i can do.

here are the textures from the hexed model

Wait what.

No i meant the fallout one you linked up there.

[editline]30th July 2012[/editline] i think they’re the same.

Not sure but it looks like it.

here they are they are shit though

maybe working with s-low textures would be better

I need the originals to put the other ones textures on.

Also they werent made by s-low.

those are the model originals

Yes i know.

I was replying to the bottom part of the post.

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I see sex man down there in the viewers thing, you here to help rastifan? :v: