The dark night himself

Idk if anyone has requested this one yet, but batman would be an awesome model to have, or even have has a player model, the one from Arkham Asylum would be EPIC!!!

MKvsDCU one here

uhm yeahhhh… >.> i guess ill go without, my version is non-steam shhhhh im not gonna have someone render one that is already out, so i’ll deal…or ill render one myself, i could use the practice xD

Edit: for anyone in the same boat as me there is a model on s-low…

render? you mean rig? Rendering is something completely different.

Oh, so you illegaly pirated gmod?




it’s $10 you cheap fucking ten year old

idk what exactly i mean, i am a noob to gmod and rendering and rigging or w/e the correct terminology is…but i am learning more about it as it has peaked my interest, and, no i did not pirate gmod…the person who uploaded it on fileshare did >.>

(User was banned for this post ("Pirated gmod" - Greeman))

good job announcing you pirated the game on the game’s official forums bro


enjoy the ban

>.< ouch…oh well, with the economy the way it is people are forced to do things with consequences, i simply wanted to enjoy playing with models, bai bai

we also need scarecrow and liam neeson now

hahah yes, killer croc would be awesome as well…and the joker, not heath ledger joker tho >.> too overrated



Oh, sorry, you pirated gmod, and thus cant download this.

Its killer croc.

wow o.o very nice model
Edit: am going to drop the 10$ when i can and get the official version :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I presume you mean film Scarecrow though.

Good idea, it’s well worth it :slight_smile:

honestly, the game and comic versions are ALWAYS better than the movie ones…although liam neeson would be awesome

I dance on your grave


also just throwing this out there you’re a tremendous faggot