The Dark Roleplay: A Garry's Mod Doc/Mockumentary - The Thread!

Hey Folks, my name’s Ayton, and you may have seen me around here from time to time, lurking in the shadows and occasionally posting my unwanted opinion on the forums!

Well, I decided to create a full on thread for my Garry’s Mod series “The Dark Roleplay” within the correct sub-forum, as I felt a lot of you guys might have missed out on what I’ve been up to!
Within this thread I will update the going’s on of my production, aswell as provide the thread with an edit each time I post an episode!

“The Dark Roleplay” is a series in which I play the role of a documentary filmmaker, who’s life revolves around documenting the strange and wonderful lives of Garry’s Mod role play servers and it’s inhabitants.

**Episode 1: Welcome Home, Citizen. **

**Episode 2: In The Larger Scheme of Things… **


Episode 3: Resolution: Insanity.


**Episode 4: When it hits the Fan… **


Episode 5: Die Dunkle Rollenspiel

Episode 6: The Memoir of a Director [FINALE]

The Dark Roleplay Outtakes: The Great Hobo Rebellion

I hope you all enjoy my series, for I plan to continue this for as long as possible… or until I run the DarkRP server’s dry of their wonderful and questionable endeavors!

***Constructive Criticism is entirely welcome, in fact I adore it! <3 It let’s me know how I can improve and keep this series at the best quality I can, so please try your best to point out anything you think is… a bit dodgy or something! ***

Thankyou for being a great community, Garry’s Mod, I could have never done this without you!

Surprisingly very enjoyable. You have earned a YouTube subscription and I hope you’ll keep it up!

Thanks alot, man, glad your enjoying them! I’m currently working on Episode 5 as we speak! :slight_smile:

This is beautiful

That was great. Not like the stupid “Let’s plays.” The only things bothering me are the texts from the RP, but not really anything can stop that. Maybe hidehud 101 would help.

Damn,I don’t remember DarkRP being this fun. Tell me,are the people in your series scripted to say and do such things or are they all random people on a server that decided to play along? I have to say the president part was very well done…it was dramatic and very believable.

Thanks, bro! I felt there was enough Let’s Plays of DarkRP already that I wanted to do something different. I do have a kind of Let’s Play series, but it’s edited down and it’s mainly me and my friends playing games of our past, more for us than the viewer!

I’ve tried multiple things to get rid of the text popups, but unfortunately sv_cheats has to be activated in order for me to use anything that gets rid of it, so I have to work with what I’ve got! :slight_smile:

It’s entirely situational most of the time, I’m lucky to get in to half of these situations.
All of the players (except for episode 4) had no idea I was filming and are doing all of this on their own accord, like I said I was lucky to find myself in these situations.

The President scene especially, joined up the server and this guy was acting out the job perfectly so I couldn’t have asked for better. Glad you enjoyed it, man! :slight_smile:

This is amazing.

Like WOTS, you’re showing the bright and wonderful side of Garry’s Mod!

(The montage killed me)

A lot of people have said this is like WOTS! I don’t think I can compare it to something that epic! xD

Don’t be modest, this is just as good!

This is really amazing. Keep up the good work!

I suppose it’s a different beast than War of the Servers. WOTS was the big blockbuster of GMod, a movie-length epic; The Dark Roleplay, by comparison, is an indie passion project. Both are great in their own rights, they’re just different genres.

And I gotta say, I’m amazed that most of it is spontaneous. Okay, when the 12-year-olds appear playing as cops, it’s absolutely clear they just wandered into your episodes; but the president scenes felt like a well-rehearsed scene. That’s not meant as criticism, it was just so good it’s almost unbelievable that it wasn’t planned.

I really liked your videos and hope to see more. The perspective you made these videos in makes it all just hilarious, a real-life and Garry’s Mod RP server comparison.

Not much you can say bad about your documentary, I liked the narrating and scenes you got yourself into. I don’t regret watching these at all.

This is amazing

I am seriously going to show this too all my friends, fantastic!

Hate to bump my own thread, but Episode 5 has just been released!

Enjoy, and remember don’t be afraid to leave criticism! :slight_smile:

I have added a new Outtake Video to the first post for anyone to enjoy!

(Hate to bump, but no point adding it if no-one can find it xD)

Rise of the Homeless.

I too use Black Eyed Peas songs to rally troops.