"The Darkest Hour"

Hey guys here`s A short rendition of the Massacre of The battle of Anzio.Enjoy!

This is a joke, right?


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how do i effort

Absolutely atrocious.

It seems that Tommy Wiseau makes you a great Gmodder :smiley:

also grenades flying at 1 metre an hour.


I tried I really did but I guess this wasn`t successful :frowning: Sorry To disappoint,:frowning:

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Sorry,I should have had some one do this film for me.

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I didn`t know how to make the Flying Grenade Fly quicker

A very accurate rendition indeed…

But you forgot about the waffen SS disguised as spongebobs , and the 808th regiment of US paratroopers who parachuted themselves into the sewers to have a barbecue

If you want your vids to look good then get some (mentally able) friends on an empty server.

You have to admit, that using ragdolls as actors in a movie is a silly decision.
Also you should take a bit more time to pose, the MG guy made me cringe, let alone the Wehrmacht soldiers in the Landing Crafts.

Okay,so your saying I should use Npc`s instead of ragdolls?