The Darklands RPG


The Darklands is an RPG gamemode for Garry’s Mod that includes many features you would find in an MMO.

Current Features:
[/li][li]Custom NPCs (SENT based, not SNPCs)
[/li][li]3rd person
[/li][li]Lua based animations (thanks JetBoom)
[/li][li]Crafting & Resource Harvesting
[/li][li]3D hints (toggleable)


Misc Info:

[li]Darkspider - Lua Coder
[/li][li]Evil Scotsman - Mapping
[/li][li]Duno - Modeling
[/li][li]Protocol7 - HUD & Graphics
[/li][li]Spacetech - Many C++ Modules
[/li][li]Con Fett - Quest Writing


All content is hosted on a FastDL, but you can download the content pack here if you want. (41MB)

Extract the contents of the content folder (Materials,Models,Sound,Resource) to the /garrysmod/ folder



The gamemode is undergoing major changes every few days, and is planned to have a lot more stuff within a few days.

Looks neat, I like the chat font.

Looks exciting, I don’t like the UI or the font.

Pretty good gamemode’s_Mod-2010-05-05_17.22.19.jpg lol

Oh, this is underdone. I guess I gotta try this out.
But get some new admins; the current ones suck, and anyone who plays on darkland will admit it.

My administration team has nothing to do with trying out this gamemode. It’s not an RP you’ll get banned from for doing something the gamemode allows.

Pretty epic, I’d say its better then UnderDone.

i like the loading screen it looks really nice especially with the tip along with it,
helps people know abit more about the game, apart from the one in the picture.
“Different enemies drop different types of loot” uhu really? i don’t know if you
just put that as an example but ok. then i come to the second screen shot and first
i notice the map, map looks really great notice village or something ahead the map
fits really well together(all but the trees?).

Then i look at the player model and go oh, to be honest this is the kind of thing
that i really hate about gamemodes you got a map looks like completly out of theme
to the way your player looks, if you notice all of a sudden you’ve got a lovely
bright looking map which has a kind of cartoonish feel to it and a sunny feel to it
more then anything, then you’ve got a player model from hl2 and we all know hl2 isn’t
sunny or cartoonish infact it completly opposite, its a dark model made to look like
people have been on tortue, so that is one bad side to the map.

Coming down to the hud and it looks pretty nice. The bars are abit out of place, you’ve
got a nice background for the bars to fill but then you’ve got a plain, i would suggest
maybe making it have some kind of gradient on the image to make it not look as plain,
the font in the picture is horrible especially with the yellow at the bottom it hurts my
eyes so that is one of the things you really need to change.

Moving on to next screenshot, first thing catches my eye us the fact that the bar is off
the page? uhu not the best screen shot in the world it like taking a screen shot of errors
and saying look here is all my errors! On the page though i love the detail on the hotbar
that you have with the skills it looks really nice, if you could change the bar to look
more like them it would be nice. Also notice in the picture is that 3d2d, because that
is just abusive of 3d2d being way to much overused and to be honest it dosn’t look great
at all above a players head infact it looks to big really, maybe sizing it down.

Going to the next picture a nice use of hud on the monsters they actually look twice as
good as the names on players, monsters look pretty cool not just the standard hl2 ones which
is awesome. I notice one the monsters has turned blur it actually looks like the exact same
colour as the one in underdone(don’t mean to say you have taken it out of underdone).

Next image first thing i notice oh look a squad/party menu that dosn’t suck! I like the squad
hud a lot in this picture it actually looks really nice and suites it well, better then
underdone squad thing ever did(ARG horrible D:). Notice we have particles flying around
everywhere giving no meaning what so ever, whats going on here?

Then we come to the picture with the first boss infact the best monster/boss thing, ive
ever seen in hl to hl2 episode 2 and in garrysmod, its awesome and actually in the exact
right place of where it should be so it also fits the map.

Next picture, oh no more 3d2d over rocks dam you 3d2d! No one likes you and your overuse
of 3d2dness.

Now we come to the inventory which confuses the hell of of me, is it a inventory? It
looks like a menu with icons in but it dosn’t say inventory very usefull, then we have
buttons from the default derma skin that look really out of place, i like how you show
that 7 players are online though thats a really nice feature i guess if anyone ever pays
attention to how many people who are online. Then i come down to the icons first i notice
is the log icon which i know has been taken from google images because i was planning on
using it as well(hehe)! Which makes me abit of a unsure if the rest of the textures and
menus are really yours and not just from google or somewhere!

Then to the next picture, we come to a really bad dialog box with a texture that looks like
its been taken out of oldage below it! Maybe this is google too? Im not sure because
normally the maw makes all the textures he uses. Then we have a guy with his eyes looking at
his brain rather then looking at you! I like the feature that you close up on him though
that is awesome, or maybe that just your camera view im not sure.

Finally the last picture i first notice a sword in your hand, it is a wooden sword! That
a baby has made, that is a really poor sword and im not saying this to troll im being honest.
That sword is horrible, it dosn’t look right, it dosn’t feel right and it dosn’t even fit
in his hand, so it wasn’t made right either! and then theres more 3d2d on the door joy!

Well that is pretty much it, in conclusion the game looks really well made in places, but
the font, somethings don’t fit right at all and some things look like they have been taken
from other places. Overall you have your opinion to correct anything i have said as i’ve
not actually even tried it, im just going by what i see!


Sorry for the kind of feel this gives i’ve been watching lots of LP videos on youtube.

I don’t know whether it’s amazing, or stupid that you just made a whole review off of a few screenshots.

yeah as i said i’ve been watching a lot of LP(let’s play) videos over youtube, if you don’t know what they are here an example:

and to be honest it didn’t look that big when i wrote it!.. cough


Also i don’t know whether it’s amazing, or stupid that you just quoted my whole review.

Why does it matter how you wrote it? I’m commenting that you really shouldn’t be writing reviews on anything if you’ve only seen 5-6 screenshots of a beta.


Beta? I think when i first heard about this was about a month ago or something or longer…

But why waste time writing it, and creating a barely accurate review. Along with the amount of times you complained about a 3d2d feature that’s toggle able, it’s just a waste of time.

Because it’s saying what i think not saying what everyone else thinks im going by what i see not what you see. I am mainly giving advice on why i think things look bad and where things can be improved i know i havn’t played it but i don’t need to play it to see that a image is bad or not.


And it dosn’t matter if you can disable 3d2d thats not the point, you shouldn’t just let people disable things people don’t like you should let people have a opinion such as use 2d instead of 3d2d as 3d2d cost most fps to use then a normal 2d would.

I’m not saying your opinion isn’t accurate, but in this case you can’t base a review off of screenshots. “Now we come to the inventory which confuses the hell of of me, is it a inventory?”

One of many examples as to why reviews are inaccurate and misleading if you don’t actually play it. Along with the atrocious grammar and horrible layout, it was just bad in general to read. Along with the fact that this is a beta, and not all of the content is completed, I didn’t see any suggestions onto what should be changed to something else. Each section was mainly “Oh this looks bad, i like this, oh that was from google. ugh 3d2d text sucks”

Reviewing the beta of a gamemode is different than reviewing the finished product, especially if you haven’t even joined the game.


The FPS in this game is fine, even on a mid range computer you could get 30-50 easily. Even with 12-14 monsters, 2 players, and some iron rocks in one area.

30-50 fps with only 12-14 monsters and 2 players? Thats really bad that’s gonna change a hell of a lot as soon as lots of people come on and the client side models will take effect of that fps really heavly.

I said 2 people in a small area, 12-14 monsters, and another 4 iron rocks. I was getting 90 with 15 people on, but I know people with computers that are still running single core who got 30-50 fine.

I haven’t really gone through and finalized all the tips yet. Mostly wrote them as tests at 3am. I’ll have a look through all of them on this next update.

We do actually have player models in development, however I chose to push this out to flush out the bugs and not wait however it’s going to take for my modeler to make them. He started in October so I doubt it’ll be soon. :frowning:

Oh yes, I agree very much on this. I am going to have that bottom image reworked with proper bars and fonts in the next update.

Yes, the loading bar was off because I forgot to cap XP at the max level.
I plan to rework the player titles as well. It does look rather ugly in that screenshot.

We have only 4 custom monster models, but I am probably going to resort to adding hl2 monsters to save people downloading thousands of models. Blue is a pretty standard color.

I don’t really like how plain the squad menu is just yet, I’d like to slap a nice uniform skin on it, as well as getting the names properly displaying. The particles are supposed to show the loot, but I’ll make it more apparent.

I know that shot turned out pretty good, but in truth it’s had SetModelScale applied. I plan to change it’s physics hull to match that size as well.

I’ll take a look at it.

Yea, I do need to reskin those menus, it’s fairly easy to navigate the menu in game because a lot of the buttons have tooltips and it just makes more sense in game. All the icons other than the logs and possibly the potion icon (dunno, got it from a sketchy guy in an alley) are made by a member of Darkland, mostly Protocol7 and Jon (who i forgot in the credits D:).

I assure you that texture is not stolen, and have the psd for you if you like. The eyes is an issue of Garry’s Mod and is currently not working as you can’t use the flex functions on SENTs. Azuisleet is looking into it though so it may be fixed in a future update. Yes, the camera hooks to certain places when needed.

The Plank Sword is two by fours put together by inexperienced craftsmen. It’s inevitable that you’ll have shitty weaponry no matter what world you’re from. The 3d2d on the door fits rather well actually.

I plan to have an update out at the latest Sunday fixing most of these issues. Hope my quick choice of screenshots hasn’t destroyed any chances of GMod popularity.

Looks really good, but I don’t like the font, as said above.

Well, from the few minutes i could play it was very fun
only problam is i could only play for a few minutes
what i mean by that is it crahes my gmod alotso try and fix that