The Darkness

Haven’t found any models from The Darkness (not the sequel). The game had now nice models with a gritty art style IMO. Character models for Jackie and various recognizable characters would be sweet.

Any help getting TD models would be highly appreciated.

The game uses Evolution engine, u can simply use 3dripper/ninja ripper to rip the 3d characters in T-pose.

I have it on PS3, unfortunately.

No, it uses Starbreeze Engine and models can be obtained with Noesis plugin (but with fucked-up UV’s)

Has anyone been trying to sort out the issues with UV mapping or has it been deemed a lost cause?

Well, they could be unwrapped and manually fixed, like I did with Riddick model.

You are right , i confused it with The darkness II made by digital extreme which uses the evolution engine.

Any chance someone might be up for this?