The DarkRP Dance

Oh no, It’s one of these threads again!

This is kinda TULONG, so if you can’t read and/or you are happy playing the same gamemode for your 1500 hours of Garry’s Mod, then just close this thread and go post some random comment asking how to get money on DarkRP.

Oh, you do want to read? So let’s start!
Open your Garry’s Mod server list right now. What’s at the top? DarkRP.
Now open the DarkRP list, over 370 servers up, all of them running the same gamemode, the same addons with some UI changes and jobs like: THE EPIC THIEF (V.I.P)
Really, look at this crap:

Can you see all the NEED STAFF, DRUGZ, PURGE, and even ACTUAL LIFE RP stuff? None of them are original! All the servers have the same things! It’s just a SPAM of servers!
And then you see things like this:

Now ask yourself, what the hell is happening to make these new/coming back players bored? Just take a look at all the gamemodes being released, all the fun and innovative gamemodes, most of them have ZERO players in the servers, and they are grayed out from the list.
Look at it and see what is happening:

I will not post the entire list because it will fill this entire thread of gamemodes that are great and no one is playing.
Look at all these fun, new and innovative gamemodes! They are all there for us to play and enjoy our time in Garry’s Mod, but all these servers are hidden by hundreds of DarkRP and WhatheverRP servers. COPY AND PASTED SERVERS running DarkRP and modified versions of public gamemodes.
How the hell some players can’t see a problem here?
Okay, sure, sometimes DarkRP can be fun when playing with good players, but look at the amount of servers, it’s horrendous, theres no need for that many.

Stop playing your DarkRP and TTT and go play on another server, go play on a NEW GAMEMODE, make the gamemode popular in the community! Do something, be creative, join the modders and show new players that we have EPIC gamemodes other than DarkRP.
Garry’s Mod is supposed to be a creative and community driven game, not a game where everyone goes on only one gamemode that limits everything that you should do, build, say, use and create.
Let’s wake up the game that used to be the one with the best community with the best creativity.

Feel free to ask things on the comments, or to just defend your Pony Actual Life Roleplay |M9K|START WITH $9384898k|NEED STAFF|ADMIN FOR 5 BUCKS| server.

I once ran my aimbot on a pony rp server, little did I know that ponies dont have headbones

the community is cancer

we can only be glad that most of it isn’t on facepunch

You want something fresh ?
try this

An ~original gamemode ™~, tacking onto the DayZ survival game craze, on an RP map.

No, you’re the problem.

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Its new bro, website is still being in development, and the mode made from scratch by me, all original.

So i don’t think i am the problem here :slight_smile:

Ps: Yea i asked some stuff long ago that i recoded recently, and yea the old dayg thread sucked hard ill give you that.

edit: i will be making a new thread after i add some more things

Escape Pedo Bear

Edit: Adding text so I don’t get banned for image reply. I agree with you, but DarkRP has always been really popular. Kids today just don’t like anything new or like to be challenged. The way I think of it is they grew up with pay to win and microtransactions when we grew up with progression and “hard” work to get what we wanted. Hell. Go play Runescape. Compare what it is now to what it was circa 2004-2010. Runescape is littered with Microtransactions and you can even buy items straight from Jagex now. It’s just the new thing and either communities have to adopt it or Garry’s Mod will slowly just lose coder support and a player base.

My friend spent a while updating a version of his Zombie Survival and adding more stuff to it and basically removing most of the Jetboom code and made it unique. The server has no real rules and no actual admins to tell players what to do because this is the way that Garry’s Mod should be played. There is NO fucking reason to have 50000 admins unless someone is hacking which rarely even happens anymore. His server 1 owner and a few close friends with admin powers, but none of us ever use them. We don’t mute little kids unless they’re screaming and being stupid. We encourage new players who haven’t experienced a good ZS server to come on and try something new. And most of the ones that actually can sit through a zombie round enjoy the server. We just don’t see any regular players anymore and it’s kinda sad.

I was working on a conversion of ZS that added bigger maps and focused more on survival and human needs rather than just running and gunning. I thought it was going to be really cool, but I gave up due to the fact that I know for a fact that only prop hunt servers and shitty DarkRP edits will be the ones on top. Now I’m not shaming the creator of DarkRP. It’s a great gamemode for what it was intended for, but the amount of servers running the same content is just unbearable. I don’t know what else to say at this point other than RIP.

Final point. I’ve notice that the younger/new generation of video game players tend to stay away from games that have permanent death/ restart. Like dayz. Unlike newer players I remember if I played a DarkRP server and bought a $5000 rifle that I spent all day selling drugs for and I died, I would go back to trying to get the money again to buy another one, but now it’s literally like this.

  1. Are there weapons easily obtainable?
    > Yes?
    >> Buy one and kill people and call it a “raid” then cry when an admin intervenes.
    > No?
    >>Server hop to the next server with higher starting cash

  2. Is there a decent and indepth leveling system?
    > Yes?
    >> Play for about 15 minutes then realize it takes time to level up and server hop to the next server.
    > No?
    >> Class hop and don’t ever RP as your actual class

  3. Is there a gundealer spot open?
    > Yes?
    >> Instantly becoming gun dealer after joining 5 seconds earlier and sell yourself a weapon to RDM or shoot people who loiter in your shop #RealisticRPBro
    > No?
    >> Become a mob boss to kill innocent players or server hop to a server with more class choices that allow the purchase of weapons.

  4. Do I keep my items on death?
    > Yes?
    >> Die from a player trying to actual play and run back to break NLR and kill him over and over again
    > No?
    >> Leave the server when your weapon is gone and find a new server with more easily obtainable guns.

New gamers don’t like death and the idea of losing their items. Do you know how much sand would be in their pussies if they lost their point shop items in a reset? Where are the days where if the server’s database went down and every got rolled back that everyone was mostly fine and continued to play like normal. I just don’t understand why people need instant gratification for such a simple game that so much can actually be done with it. If garry abandoned (any more than he already has) this version of Garry’s Mod and started development on a better version, I would not be upset.

Also 1 last point sorry:

The new server browser sucks literal ass-tits. Most people don’t even know you can still use the legacy browser. The new browser shows all the popular gamemodes first so it already gives new servers a disadvantage over ones that have players in them. Wish garry would just do away with the new server browser. 90% of gamemodes don’t even have icons anymore. I don’t get this world anymore.

People these days hate challenges, they want everything quickly and easily, thats why DarkRP fails really hard at being a decent roleplay gamemode, characters never die.
I also agree that the new server browser sucks. It shows all the popular gamemodes at top, fails to show some servers and you need to keep refreshing for them to appear, grays out low population servers even though they exist. It just sucks.

Too bad Garry is fixing muh rust.
Garry’s Mod breaks on Linux, breaks mods, breaks the server browser…

garry has specifically denied requests by the people who do end up working on and updating gmod, to remove or change the new server browser

Didn’t garry said he would ban the servers which are just minor DarkRP Edits and list as a new gamemode?
If yes, how can we report the Servers to him?

I just automate my playing of DarkRP now.

I then drop money everywhere until I get banned for money hacking. I have no idea why I do it but I get some fun out of it (and I also made a 900 ish line cheat while playing on darkrp servers)

Had a few randoms join my dev server today. One of them stuck around:[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t]

Kid made a trap door. I think there’s hope.

Went AFK for a few hours, here’s the chat log:

Bolli: !tp STEAM_0:0:37845145
Bolli: help?
Adzter: Oh
Adzter: hm, was going to build a boat, but I don't think it's possible
Bolli: Help
Adzter: nice
Bolli: We need a bigger boat
Adzter: is there a way to get back to land
Bolli: Death
Adzter: the fishing boat is blocked
Adzter: i have an idea though
Bolli: Barrels?
Adzter: I need to wait for a salary
Adzter: hm
Bolli: idontgetit
Bolli: Noclip giving you script errors aswell?
Adzter: Yeah
Adzter: Is it still frozen?
Adzter: or did I mess up a weld
Adzter: undid all welds
Bolli: Stuff freezez randomly for some reason
Adzter: oh
Adzter: I like this concept of building
Bolli: If you physgun something once, it gets frozen
Adzter: oh
Adzter: So we have to build without physguns
Bolli: I guess...
Adzter: What if we dupe it, respawn it
Bolli: Still frozen
Bolli: rip money
Adzter: oh
Adzter: my bad :<
Adzter: I just wanted a boat :'(
Adzter: stuck
Bolli: Crowbar it when it's floating
Adzter: maybe that's why the other boat failed?
Bolli: Who knows
Adzter: keep upright?
Adzter: dare we risk it
Bolli: yolo
Adzter: perfect
Adzter: wait we didn't take into account turning
Bolli: WE DID IT
Adzter: uh oh
Bolli: Oh dear
Adzter: the keep upright
Adzter: makes it so it can't turn
Bolli: We lost a thrister
Bolli: nvm
Bolli: Just server desync
Adzter: something is still keep uprighted
Bolli: Nope
Adzter: that's it
Adzter: woah
Adzter: uh
Adzter: lets call it a submarine
Bolli: Oh dear
Adzter: phahahhah
Bolli: D:
Bolli: RIP
Adzter: get in a seat
Bolli: Freedom
Adzter: ty
Player pulsarmoe left the game (pulsarmoe timed out)
Adzter: Wait this gamemode is open source?
Bolli: No idea
Adzter: it's beautiful
Bolli: The greatest
Adzter: rip
Bolli: Uh oh
Adzter: how do we weld it
Adzter: IT WORKS
Adzter: i want to attach one on
Adzter: so we can get back ontop
Adzter: careful it doesn't freeze
Adzter: i think if it's too close to another prop it freezes
Adzter: how did you get the seats?
Bolli: rip
Adzter: i'm so disorientated
Bolli: It's broken
Bolli: Sad
Bolli: 10/10 for durability
Bolli: 2/10 for practicality
Adzter: you can stand on top of it i guess
Bolli: 'on top'
Player Adzter left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Player Bolli left the game (Disconnect by user.)

They didn’t need any help to figure out how it works.

I honestly wouldn’t care if RP was kept to one or a few categories in the server browser but it spills into so fucking many

Met this random guy on your server and we built a boat

I still don’t really understand the gamemode

we need more people like you to keep playing. Please.

What a glorious boat it was, actually some of the most fun I’ve had on the game in a while, after 2500 hours you’ve more or less done it all but just building that small boat with thrusters was somewhat refreshing and fun

I really need to make a proper trailer and promote Underdone more.
It used to be very popular back in gmod 10. But now I’d be lucky to get 6-8 people on the official server at one time.
Maybe it’s to complicated for these simple minded DarkRP kids.

Why hasn’t the server browser been fixed yet? There’s still only 1 order to choose from (most to least popular) and if you were to choose a gamemode and go back to the gamemode list, it starts from the top, not where you left off.
It’s like the browser is fucking designed to make TTT and DarkRP be immortal and kill off other gamemodes.
What the server browser needs to do is grab a list of gamemodes in alphabetical order that servers are currently hosting, not gamemodes that have no servers hosting it. Then when you click on a gamemode it’ll load all the servers hosting that gamemode, not load all 10000+ servers running garry’s mod, that is fucking insane.

The server browsers NEEDS to be fixed. The longer it stays the same, the longer the damage will persist after it’s fixed.

I can understand the problem of multicore rendering, but what’s so hard about making the server browser not suck shit?

if it were made alphabetical, you’d see nothing but “!__AAA DARKRP”