The day Gmod went Down (the most optimistic story ever)

gather round children for i shall thell you the story of the day that valve fucked up Gmod

it was a normal day… i had finished my lunch and i wanted to play Gmod but…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT

Gmod wasn’t starting, so i used my computer smarts and clicked on the Gmod shortcut untill i got pissed and threw my trashcan at the wall

i clicked one last time hoping my rage had remedied the situation, but to my dismay, my trashcan, and now damaged wall had done nothing… so i cried

after crying for hours, my arms gave out under the massive pressure of my head… and i think i fell asleep or something

With depression gripping my sole, i solemnly pulled out my gun and typed my suicide note.

The note read:
*fuck valve fuck valve fuck valve fuck valve fuck valve… *

i aimed my gun at my head and began to squeeze the trigger

There was a Crack a flash and all my sorrows were gone

The End

Hey, your pictures show up for a change!


You know when games don’t work, most people go outside.

No one goes outside.
You burn up and light on fire.

I’ve seen it.

[sp]That kid in my profile picture is me. I am outside. It is transcribed on the photo, “Outside? Heresy!”[/sp]

yeah, and i fixed all my other ones