The Day The World Went Wrong - Trailer

Whoa it’s a bit behind schedule but this film is not dead! (for those of you who don’t know this was meant to come out last year). Enjoy the trailer and I hope you will enjoy the finished film even more when it comes out, I can’t really say when exactly but I’m trying my hardest to get it done soon.

Note there is some old footage in this trailer which has or will be replaced/improved.

1969 Dodge Charger model is still hopefully going to release alongside the film.

What the fuck was up with his tie in the beginning?

Also lol at the phone

That happens because of it’s bone structure, blame simkas.

Also the phone animation is one of the ones which is going to be redone.

Finnaly This will be the most epic film ever. About how long will the film be?

also the charger will be epic too.

At least 7+ minutes.

Well don’t get me wrong I still thought it was pretty cool, can’t wait to see it when it’s done

brilliant, looks promising. you better not dissapoint us. you got our hopes up now.

lol quit trying to sound like the don

It’s amazing! I like it.

Holy fuck, it looks awesome.
Really, I hope you complete it soon. :slight_smile:

Lol agree’d

Great work, looking forward to seeing your movie.
Keep up the good work!

May I ask… WHO THE HELL IS DON!? o_O


Good video, Nice use of Gm_Bigcity or whats it called…

Also… what is the map where the helicopter flys into it?


Sexy trailer you got there

That was made for this film but it’s modified from cs_office.

lol matrix much. Looks great though. cant wait!

Can you post a link for the modified Cs_office map please ?

Can’t wait, subscribed. : )