The dead end (survivor thinks about his future)

… What’s the purpose of our life? People were asking themselves this question from the beginning of the times, but for me it’s now actual more than ever.
What’s the purpose of MY life?.. Or, more precisely,what’s the purpose of my existence?

All my friends, my relatives, my wife-all of them are dead,dead and rotting.
All this madness occurred so fast. Ridiculously… Only five days ago I was planning my future life,trying to get a good job…and what’s now?

I do not know, why I had an immunity to this disease.
I do not know if there are other survivors or not. Quite probably that not.
And I don’t know what to do, so I continue to walk,but …I don’t know,where i’m going…don’t know…May be it’s a dead end…heh… But I have some time to think about it.

All the time of this world.

is he ded
Rated you awwtistic


Nice fucking posing and editing for an 09er

Why would he be sleeping on the car

and why not? He doesn’t want to sleep near corpses and he’s too tired to continue walking

This picture is like sex for the eyes.

I love it.

Great camera angle.

His chest looks kinda funky but the shadowing and the angle are nice.
Background story is also very nice :smiley:

Also, for MrHeadHopper, the fact that some of us are 09ers doesnt mean we automaticly sux at editing :mad:

This :saddowns:

“That cloud kinda looks like a bunny!”

Very cool, looks special.
Rated arty

this is really good

great angle and sets the appropriate mood/atmosphere

That is the worst place to sleep. I’d recommend a empty house.

looks like a preview pic or something for a comic


It has been said again.

** TO ARMS 09’ERS! ** :hist101:

Just wait till there is the 10’rs hate.

I like the shadowing and the atmosphere.

The posing looks great, and the editing is VERY well done. Nice pic :smiley:
The only thing I can recommend is to add some small blood effects beneath the dead infected, but that’s just a small nitpick. Keep up the good work.