The dead rise

zombies come from the dead so when a player is killed, say after a couple secs(for quick looting purposes), they rise as zombies. When ya kill em, they have the loot that was still left on the body. Might give them second thoughts bought killing a weak naked guy if they then have to deal with a powerful naked zombie? and/or the zombie could be wearing the armor still left on the body when he rises making him harder to kill. :pwn:

the dead zombie players would have blood dripping hands and face with glowing eyes for example. and all carrying say kevlar that wasn’t looted or maybe that fully loaded out m4 or maybe just food and rad pills. ya wouldn’t know.:dance:

imagine a firefight, ya killed the enemy and his zombie corpse but ya didn’t see your buddy bite the bullet in the fight until you feel his teeth in your neck while looting. hehe, gives me the shivers

Maybe if the player has > x amount of rads it becomes a zombie when killed.

Remember though, zombies are not final. I like the idea, but maybe after 20 seconds instead of a few.

A certain failure of a game (ehem War Z) wanted it so players who died could come back as zombies. That if you don’t shoot them in the head, a couple minutes later it would rise back up. Good concept… but they failed at making it happen.

Zombies are just one of the “mobs” of the game, and not even the main concept of it.
So in my opinion we shouldn’t focus on them (even if I like em :)),since this game is about survival and player interaction, not about postapocaliptyczombies.


a bit off topic
Why is evryone saying war z is a failure?
I like to play it and a lot of my friends like it too
Na back to topic
I think it would be a good idea but the zombies are just placeholders so i dont think it make it in the game

I think that wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.