The Death Note

Death Note is still being worked on!

For those of you who have no idea what “Death Note” is, I will explain: Death Note is a Manga/TV series based around a small, supernatural note book.
The first sentence in the “how to use” section of the notebook is this: “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.”

I am scripting a SWEP which will be the Death Note, and I’m also trying to make a SENT which will serve as the Shinigami. Shinigamis are the Death Gods which accompany the owner of a Death Note. They basically hang around and stuff. Only people who touched your Death Note can see your Shinigami. They are basically ghosts that hang out and follow you around which nobody else can see/hear.

Here is a demo video with all the deaths I have done so far. Not all of these deaths are complete, some need effect work and some have bugs that need to be fixed.

Here’s how the SWEP works:

Primary fire: It will bring up a VGUI panel that lists two things: Players, and Death Causes.
[ul]Players will be a list of all players in the map.[/ul]
[ul]Death Causes will be a list of possible deaths to choose from.[/ul]
[ul]After you choose your player/death, you press the button that says “Write” and that will write the name and death cause in the book.[/ul]
[ul]If you only choose a player and press the Write button, it will kill them with a heart attack unless you specify a different death before the heart attack takes effect.[/ul]

Secondary fire: It will let you kill things like NPC’s. It will first let you choose an NPC, and then give you a VGUI panel letting you choose the death cause.
[ul]You first use secondary fire to choose your NPC and then your death cause choice will pop up.[/ul]
[ul]Death cause is all you need because NPC’s don’t have actual names that you’ll be able to choose from.[/ul]
[ul]After you choose the death cause, you press the “Write” button and the death cause will be performed.[/ul]

Ammo: Yes I’m using ammo, but it never runs out.
[ul]You will have 15 lines to write on for now. The lines are basically your ammo.[/ul]
[ul]Once all of the lines are filled up, the book will be closed and reopened, and then the page will be blank and your ammo meter will be full again![/ul]

Death Causes: So far they include the following.

Deaths that have been started:
[ul]Heart Attack:
Description: This is the default death cause and what will happen if one isn’t written in 40 seconds.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 50%[/ul]

[ul]Car Crash:
Description: They get hit by a car.
Effects: None needed.
Completion: 90%[/ul]

Description: They get attacked by a swarm of Manhacks or some other NPC.
Effects: None needed.
Completion: 80%[/ul]

Description: They get struck by lightning.
Effects: 70%
Completion: 80%[/ul]

Description: They drown to death.
Effects: 80%
Completion: 90%[/ul]

Deaths that have not been started:
Description: The victim will burn to death.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 0%[/ul]

Description: They die in an explosion.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 0%[/ul]

[ul]Gun malfunction:
Description: Suggested by several people, this sounds like a good idea. I’m not sure how to make it look like their own gun did it, but I’ll try and figure something out.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 0%[/ul]

Description: I heard this was done in the series. I need to find a way to make it look like they killed themselves.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 0%[/ul]

Description: FluxMage thinks sicking the Shinigami on them would be good. Sorta what secondary does, but whatever. Maybe they should be like a randomize option. They choose one of the death causes at random and perform it.
Effects: None yet.
Completion: 0%[/ul]

That’s all I have for Death causes so far. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Right now, FluxMage is making a view model for it.

To make it look like you’re actually writing, FluxMage and I did some brainstorming. We figured, that if we changed the skin of the view model every time you write a line, it would look like another name was written. Since it will write from left to right, if the hand was put at the right angle so you can’t see to the right of it, then it will look like it’s writing a word out if the skin changes right before the pen touches the paper.

What’s done so far:

The deaths are functional as you can see by the video, and the derma isn’t having any problems!

I have a Shinigami in the works too. Here is what it looks like at the moment.

It’s temporary for now. I may decide to change it later.

Here is FluxMage’s Death Note model!

So awesome!

What I need from you:

I need ideas and suggestions. Ideas for death causes and such. I want a lot of options for death causes.

Support and suggestions would be appreciated. :smiley:

What up?

Actually i already told you, i’m scrapping that model, mine will be a lot more natural looking.

That things got mat colors and the pages are stiffly flat, no thanks.

Might be interesting. One possible death-cause: lightning. You could do something cool, effects-wise, with a small thundercloud forming over the person’s head before the beam struck.


Good idea. I’ll add that to the list. Fakku has the model in blender right now, so it may be something to start from. You could edit/reskin it maybe?

It’s just a book, i can make one from scratch, not a big deal.

I’m fairly experienced, i could model the hands from scratch if neccessary, and UV’ing is easy.

I don’t want that model.

Fine. I may keep that one just in case.

then please do
saves me alot of trouble.

Sounds fine to me.

Does anyone have any death cause ideas?

Untrue, they hang around and eat apples.

Oh shit, I sound like a manga fan now :frowning:

Hmm, ‘dissolve’ death?
Maybe cool to put with the lightning or something entirely new.

Then why is Ryuk a “Death God”. The Shinigamis do kill the people. They’ve even said so themselves.


Also, I’m trying to think of common/realistic death causes. Although some of them aren’t common, they are realistic.
I just need some more thoughts.

When in the Shinigami world, they kill to stay alive, as the lifespans of humans they kill get added to theirs.

When in the human world shadowing a human, they kill no-one since the human posseses their death note. Unless of course the human wishes the shinigami to use the note.

When Shinigamis use the note, they sacrifice their own lives. They only kill when ordered to do so by the death note.

They don’t sacrifice their own lives unless they kill a human out of affection for another, human that is.

Otherwise, it’s free-game, they can kill whom ever they please.

Ah yes. I just read through the Wiki and you’re right. But I would assume that they’d take every chance they get to kill someone.
My intention is that the player would write a name and the Shinigami would perform the action. I still want to do that because it would be so cool. Write a name and death, your Shinigami goes over to them, spin around and a storm cloud appears. Then they are struck by lightning!

Bwahaha! It would be cool.

No no no no no no no no no no no, sorry, but the shinigami should have no direct involvement in killing your opponent, it is all done through the deathnote.

Now, on a different note, a kill type could be to sick your shinigami on them. Shinigami should be invisible to other players, unless they touch you while holding the Deathnote.

Bankai :v:?

That’s a good idea. But it’s only if they touch your death note. Not the Shinigami. :wink:

I still like the idea. Anyway, maybe “Sick Shinigami” could be a randomize function.


Death Note, not Bleach. :v:

Really, did you ever watch the entire series? :v:

I did. Still recovering from the loss of sleep… the plot is so awesome it keeps spinning in your head.

Or you could just make a world model, then use Devenger’s Iron Sights Designer to place it accordingly, then use the 2D3D Cam functions to dynamically draw the text onto the model. Just an idea.