The Death of a Gentleman

This is a dramatic video based upon the Spy from TF2.
Made in around 4 full days of work, only to be muted by Youtube upon uploading.
I’d appreciate if you’d click the link down there

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Wow.That was actually Pretty Decent.Nice job.


Thank you, I work hard on my videos and try to make them as top notch as I can with my current level in gmod

I enjoyed the video, but a little more work on your ragdoll acting would really help. Try using Hat. Outta make things easier.

I actually do have HAT, however I find that tool an annoyance to use. Perhaps I’ll look in to it more, and maybe it will have a redeemable quality. Thank you for watching

Thanks to this post, I looked up what the HAT tool was and found the answer to all my life’s questions.

I watched the Death of a Gentlemen. I felt for Scout’s Mom. I never previously paid much attention to her because she’s so overlooked as a character in people’s videos. Did you make Spy’s outfit texture (or skin, in the Valve community <-----I’m stuck in Bethesda world) yourself or can it be downloaded somewhere?

Both of these:

Some are hard to pose

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…I felt for Scout’s Mom… /QUOTE]

Thanks for noting this, I really wanted this movie to be emotional and bring out sides in TF2 characters that most young adults won’t really think about noticing.

Most young adults are looking for sexual references or gay jokes.

Oh, and brilliant re-textures. I’m only just learning the basics of texturing Valve models (as the Bethesda modeling/texturing process is a bit different), but I’ve been wanting to retexture Medic wearing an SS Soldat coat (or at least a generic dark grey military coat, not for playing but for machinimas). I also want to do a texture overhaul of all the TF2 characters to make them a bit less cartoony but that’s ahead of my current skill level. Would you know where to learn the art of Hexing and all that fun stuff? I don’t mean to derail the thread of course.

That is true. Unfortunately.

Keep up the more “dramatic” types of film, I think the community needs it and less of that Dasboschitt copycats. There is only one Dasboschitt and that’s all we need, lol. Not that YOU were doing anything like that, but the majority of newcomers seem to be trying that style out and it’s getting old.

My idea of making Medic a married adult character with an established career and reputation didn’t seem to appeal to the community. What was I thinking, nobody can relate! As I was saying in another thread, it seems like we’ll have to lower our standards.

I’ll try, though keep it in mind that I mostly make comedies, such in the style of the more popular gmodders. I do this with my own personal spin and try to keep them as fresh and unique as possible.

And I’m totally against lowering standards as a filmmaker. I just hope with every idea I push the bar up like a heavy pushing the cart.

Well, here’s what I said in another thread. As a long-time member of the Bethesda community, I was very comfortable in the mature, accepting audience. While I had been doing alot of mods of questionable content and artwork for the games, I rarely had to hear comments like “that’s so gay” “that’s super gay” “why is he naked?” “who would dress like that?” My creations, were, afterall, directed toward a female audience that were largely straight and treated the male characters (such as the nude artwork) as such, as well as what I did with female characters (like make clothes, etc). Now, suddenly, I have entered a new environment that is more popular than the Bethesda community, everything is being recieved differently by the audience. Now everything I produce is gay or “too mature for us to identify with!”

I think that, at least in my case, a lowering of standards or at least a change in direction from what I’ve been so comfortable with is due. No more mature stuff; I have to accept that this is a younger audience that is more sensitive to sexuality and anything that can be perceived as homosexuality, despite my own intention of it being a “by straight woman, for straight women” thing.

I like your comedy by the way. My son and I watch it together.

That’s amazing that my films are watched by a family :slight_smile:

You do have to take in to consideration that a majority of gamers are young males of the ages 13-16 and are under a lot of pressure, both sexual and social, so of course they vent it out upon whatever links they can take. Be it Video games or internet sites.

Yes, I do realize that, but not entirely so until after coming here. I was a member of a very well maintained and respected community for the Bethesda games where immaturity was not tolerated at all and many users were banned after the first comment. And my son loves any gmod video with quick action, funny faces, and explosions. I try to root out the ridiculous and show him the tasteful ones, such as your own, Rubberfruit’s, and Kitty076 (although the latter uses a fair bit of foul language in his videos but my son’s too young to understand them just yet)

I’m dissapointed that I just learned about the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series’s…I’ve always wanted to dabble in mods

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Me too. I’ve been harassing people on the forums for nearly 2 hours now so it’s about time I saved my trolling for another day.

Alrighty, you have a good rest of the day/night thanks again for viewing/subbing (goes to all of you)