The Death of the Bow = The Death of Rust!?

Hi Guys,

Just a little rant here.

Now for some time people have been complaining the bows are too uber and guns not good enough … so it was decided that the bullet speed needed to increase to help our crap players.

I am fine with that and it does indeed need to be tested …

But … now they are also, in the same patch, reducing the bow firing rate and reducing headshot damage for arrows. Thus effectively they are making it impossible for small groups or solo’s to actually fight large clans.

Prior to this I have manged to rock some small groups of guys with a bow … but now that will be impossible as the hit scan nature of bullets coupled with a major nerf of bows will mean I have to land 8 headshots and 8 body shots to take out 4 people … meanwhile their bullets are hitting exactly where they are aimed and the hit vs a naked could have them bleed to death or die from just 1 bullet landing …

How possibly could they thought it was a good idea to release a buff and 2 nerfs in one patch?!

Now for 2 weeks people will be getting raped by larger or at least more well equipped groups, and solo players or newbies won’t really be able to do anything against them.

Please Garry see the error in your ways and adjust this now … and if you want to nerf the bow, then test out the impact of the bullet speed first, and then introduce the nerfs in the next patch … as with 2 weeks of not being able to do anything … you will effectively drive people away from the game …

Short sighted and simply stupid would be my 2 cents on this buff/ nerf patch.


A very unhappy Robin Hood :confused:

Anything that slows down the time-to-kill in this game is a good change. Hopefully the bow changes will come with a reduction to bullet damage sometime soon. Or at least better armors that accomplish the same.

Stop worrying and get yourself an AK. You’ll love it!

Pretty sure I have over 2k hours so I am well versed in the AK.

But doesn’t change the fact that the divide between weapons and not just increased significantly with 3 seperate tweaks.

Well at least the crossbow received a buff in velocity.You won’t be able to rapidly move in and out of cover with the bow like you used to be able to unfortunately.

Lets wait and see how it works out.

Craft a revolver.

I always loved the bow and its a shame they nerfed it. Its important that a new player can at least stand a little chance against somebody armed with a firearm.

However I like the increased bullet speed. The old bullets were so slow it was unrealistic.

Oh Please, this is not the end of all ends

Maybe there should be metal tipped arrows (With frags) which do more damage.

That way, bow isn’t the be all end all of naked warfare early game, but when people get set up enough to have a house and furnaces, they still get the damage boost to compete with people more geared than them.

Metal arrow or Metal bow great idea !

What about testing it before saying it doesn’t work?


Reason I wanted bullet speed to be faster is I can dodge bullets from a long rang rifle it makes me laugh. That or make the tracers invisble. Either way it’s the crap players who depend on slow bullets and tracers lol

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Spear is the way to go for bambi fights btw

What was wrong with the bow? It’s a hard enough weapon to get kills with in the first place. So why would you nerf it? It doesn’t make much sense.

It’s called a cross bow and it’s already in the game…

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Bow fights are the best especially at the start of the wipe

Took me 3 headshots with a bow to kill a player with a burlap headwrap which is kind of shit.

I hate crossbows personally … but have been known to use it in combo with a bow … but really a bow is fun and the amount of time between shots, coupled with less damage, and faster bullet speed … has, even with only being able to test for 5 minutes at a time, shown that its crippled lowbie players and skill is their only tool … and if they meet someone with a gun even remotely as good as them … chances are they will drop you without you getting off more than 3 shots … miss one headshot and you are dead.

The good thing about the bow was that starters could easily obtain a weapon that is useful as a self defense weapon against firearm carriers.

If they made it as useless as the spear now, it makes the game even harder for new players.

Stop nerfing the early weapons please!!!

Even a selfmade wooden spear would influct severe wounds!

Why do you have to nerf everything a few nablets keep complaining about?

I’ll just use the methods of the noobs and make 5 topics that the bow should be buffed and it will get buffed?

Bow is the No.1 Skill-based weapon

if someone new joined the game it is always easier for him to get a gun and spray and pray all the time and he wouldn’t even think of the bow because it is harder for him

with that nerf u just took the bow and whole archer-hunter-medieval theme of the game , everyone will seek for a gun and will avoid many fights and its gonna be only gun game and with that new buff of the bullets which i support people who just spray and pray will have a way higher advantage on bow users even from a long distance

No one will be happy to play with something hard to use and weak
and there wouldn’t be a new type of skill to train unless u got guns if u want a reward

Headshot damage ( the hardest thing for the average of people to hit ) needs to be a way higher than now

To Devs:

I think you should revert the nerf now and make a poll about the changes u want to do with the bow and im sure no one will agree on nerfing that , no one like to have spray and pray fights all the time with no way to have good another type of weapon skill

I agree Monterado.

ME 2 dude u make a great point, The bow was my favourite weapon I haven’t tried the nerfed version yet.

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