The Delta Force

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There pretty much weren’t any good delta force models/skins out there that actually looked like the real deal, so I decided I should make some. So, uh… I did.


I modified some of the faces to fit the model better and I think they look better on it than the default ones.

Inlcudes a gmod10 spawnlist, so you don’t have to look for the models yourself.


Great work. I love them. Could you make snow version of them as well? When you get time :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean a reskin? If a reskin is enough then I’m sure someone else who has better skinning skills could do it.

Those are cool, downloaded :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Delta operators don’t wear the US flag.

What’s that on his sleeve?

You have my download :slight_smile:

The flag is on the wrong side on your skin.

That does not matter at all. Since the normal us army troops have it on the right side.


Not all of them ofcourse

That looks suspiciously like an airsofter. Especially because he isn’t carrying some form of Colt 1911 clone, which Delta Operators generally carry.


I stand corrected, they can but rarely seem to.


i thought so too. why would a delta force dude want his picture taken at 3 different angles? they’re supposed to be all covert and shit. either way, still a good reference i suppose.

what camo pattern? give me a reference pic

hey simkas

used used the cod4 flag didn’t you

little sneak

They look great! You have my download!

Nice, a lot better than that skin used on the urban model.

Also :D:

This is so win

These models need more Chuck Norris. You do know he supports the troops, right?

D-boys also have their eyes censored out as part of OPSEC, even when they wear goggles. The operators’ identities are classified, like SAS.

also, look at where he’s standing, looks like a garage door, and hell…what was he doing in the streets alone?fighting crime?

That’s the best reference picture I could find. So I had to use that one.

Looks pretty decent to me.

The only thing I could say is that he needs a more detailed skin in some places, although that could be your graphics card.