The Democracy - Gaming Group

Good day to you, I’m here to bring about the dawn of Democracy for all of you.


Ever wonder why most groups, clans, organizations, corporations, unions, and otherwise lean towards a more elitist approach towards all aspects of gaming? It’s because they don’t incorporate Democracy! Obviously this idea worked well for greek philosophers years ago, so why wouldn’t it work for you too?

Q: …did you mention that I get a say in what goes on?
A: Well yeah.

So about The Democracy?

-We’ve incorporated actual Democracy! If the majority votes on something that matters to them, by god it will become reality.
-Were not just a garrysmod community, were also a gaming group. Encompassing all things gaming.
-We run a couple of gmod servers, mainly rp. Although we do occasionally run a fretta server.
-Our admins are hand picked to be both fun and just to all players.

Q: Well that sounds great! Where can I take a gander at this here community.
A: Refer to figure A, B or C.

Figure A:
The Rabbit Hole.
Figure B:
The Second Rabbit Hole.
Figure C:
Our actual servers.

Great, The Democracy’s team finally fixed the Cider problem. There are a few major errors/bugs that you might want to know about, I sent most of them to Toxic on steam but I doubt he got them considering he was in CS:S and went offline about four minutes later.

Anyway, Love the server but I hate when the players complain in Out of Character about “Fail Roleplay situations”.