The Demolished Path



  1. where did he got his shotgun from? his pocket?
    2.I still didnt understand the story even after watching the 2 parts.
  2. the part where there were 2 guys hiding to ambush main character was poor. especially the one with a beer bottle in his hand. waited about 2-3 seconds to shoot him.
  1. He had it in his pocket due to not having someone who can skin for me I had to deal with it like that thinking you’d understand he got it from there.

  2. Have you seen The Book of Eli?

  3. How was it poor? He shot the one with the crowbar and the other is with the bat he could’ve easily been surprised seeing that the guy he was going to rob had a shotgun.

It seems pretty poor.

I think you should work more on camera angles and excucution of scenes.
Voice acting needs quite a lot of work and needs to be clearer, or have subtitles.
It has some major continuity issues, too… Main one being that the main character’s clothes and face change from one scene to another.

I also find it a ripoff of the Book of Eli… But in Garry’s Mod.



  1. then in the beginning you should’ve make a quick scene with either:

1a.him sitting down with a shotgun on the floor before he started walking, so it would seem like he was having a break.


1b. Him picking up the shot gun by ragdoll manipulation and getting up. like welding the shotgun to his hand and lifting the ragdoll up to make it seem like he’s getting on his feet.

And I Doubt a shotgun would fit in his pocket.

2.No, I haven’t

3.Because the main character was standing INFRONT of the guy with the beer bottle who was BEHIND the opened door for 2-5 seconds THEN shot him when realistically in 2-5seconds the guy would’ve smashed the main character’s head with the bottle.

For the 3rd question if you were to see The Book of Eli you’d understand that he could ‘smell’ everyone and hear everyone.

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eh? I don’t understand. The main character should of shot the guy straight away instead of waiting…

I kinda fucked up that scene a bit.

oh right I see. so you couldn’t be bothered to record again?

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Didn’t notice it until I watched it a few times while it was on youtube.


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